Best Graphics card for under £150 ($233)

Best Graphics card for under £150 ($233) Preferably from or

My system currently. Just in case this is important at all...

CPU Intel i5 2500k

RAM Gskill Ripjaws 2 sticks of 4Gb

Mobo AsRock z68 Extreme 3 Gen 3

OS Windows 7 64 bit (Home Premium)

Hard Drive Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB (this is noisy any reason why?)

GPU ATI RADEON HD 4650!!! lol. It's my brothers old card.
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  1. Oh an 850w Corsair PSU
  2. if you could spend a little more like $250 about 155pounds sorry american i would suggest a msi geforce 560ti here is a link: that is a resonably priced card for its power
  3. You have a very powerful CPU with a fairly weak GPU there. However, the really important question is what games are you going to be playing on the computer? Some games will play just fine on that GPU, others may be almost uplayable. Also, what is your monitor resolution?
  4. That's perfect... but will it fit into my case? it's a HAF 912 Coolermaster.
  5. Monitor reso is only 1440 x 900 atm but will be getting 1080 soon. That card actually runs skyrim on high/ultra with shadows turned low.
  6. i have a haf 912 just take out the cage where the hard drives go and the it fit but put the hard drives either below or above
  7. or it will probobly fit by its self its not really big but if it doesnt then take out the cage
  8. 7850>560Ti

    If you can spare $2 this is awesome.
  9. After I get a few more responses I will create a poll with the suggested GPUs to see which one I should get.
  10. Oh and the one that wins the poll = best answer lol =)
  11. actually i do have the 7850 but i say its to much for you on amazon, its 200 pounds
  12. plus newegg doesnt ship to europe
  13. ^didn't know the OP was in EU, good catch.

    Yet the 7850 is still faster than the 560Ti.
  14. but he only has 150 to 160 pounds and the 7850 is 200 pounds and the 560ti is 153
  15. if you can spare the extra 10 pounds go with his but if you want a cheaper one go with the one i posted
  16. Actually, I take it back. I didn't notice that the Twin Frozr was that cheap and I didnt see the link before. That one is the best buy at this point. The Twin Frozr is a good card.
  17. he even said that it was perfect and was wondering if it would fit in a haf912 without taking out the hard drive cage dont you thing it could fit
  18. It should fit in the 912 just fine.
  19. i thought so to i have a haf912 to but if it doesnt just take out the hard drive cage plus if you take out the hard drive cage it increases airflow
  20. The 560Ti is not really that long of a card, it should fit fine. The card was pretty much designed to fit cards like that. Cards like my reference 6950 however might have an issue.
  21. ok guys no poll needed you got me the MSI is the one for me =) thanks a bunch!
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