The two best 19 inch and 21inch monitors? Help.

My monitor just went down, and i am in desperate need of either the best 19 inch or a decent 21 inch. Only reservations i do have is that it is a flat screen CRT like a trinitron FD or diamnod tron NF or perfect flat, but not shadow mask. And its of a decent quality that will last in upwards of 4 years.

Corsair XMS-LL PC3200 2x256
ATI Radeon 9700Pro
Maxtor 80gig ATA/133 8mb
SLK800U/Tornado combo
Lite-On 52x24x52 CDRW
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  1. This will be ingraved on my Tombstone...........

    Best 19" monitor = Iiyama 19" Vision Master Pro
    theres other good ones from Mitsabishi and Samsung, I not sure on the model numbers. But from what I have read, knowone has ever given the 454 VM pro a write up or had anything bad to say against it.
  2. I hear the 900NF from Samsung is at the top of the heap for 19" monitors.
  3. I'm been looking at 19" monitors for a few weeks, as I'm getting a new system, and I found the ViewSonic P95F+ to be the best simply because it has the best specs:

    2048x1536 @ 68Hz
    1920x1440 @ 73Hz
    1856x1392 @ 75Hz
    1600x1200 @ 87Hz

    here's the link:
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