Questions about the Sony CPD-G410R 19"

Hello people reading this!,

On my present system I'm using a Sony Trin. G400. I'm upgrading to a completely new system, so what I have now will be retiring to the lands of web surfing, and writing up W.H.I.M.I.S reports for work when the need arises. Just so you know, I'm a colour and sharpness fanatic, I have to be with my job (Photographer - Lab Manager/printer in a Prolab).

So one of my questions is... does anyone know what the main differences are between the Sony CPD-G410R 19" and the G400?

I work in 5500k light, with the monitor set at 9300k using adobe gamma to fine tune from there (will be getting my filthy paws on Monacco Easy Colour shortly). The more colour correction through the monitor I can have, the better. I hate having to create profiles for the monitor and printer to keep the colour matching, but realize I'll most likely have to create new profiles for the printer (Epson 2200) if I 'do' buy a new monitor. Which leads me to the next question.

Can I set individual colour channels (RGB, YMC-K (would be best, but unlikely)) through the monitor?

That's been one of my biggest gripes about the G400. If the monitor is slightly skewed towards say... the magenta side, I need to add green via Adobe Gamma or vid. card properties or create a new profile. Then make new profiles for the printer in turn to match production to the monitor, even though it's the monitor out by a hair, not the printer itself.

How often/does the monitor have moire problems/need to be degaussed?
If it goes out of whack frequently (say, once every 3 months) then it'll be no good to me. How stable is the display really?

Does this monitor suffer from blurry spots? What I mean by that is. Are there area's in the monitor where things are out of focus, while the rest is sharp as sharp can be?

Last but not least. At a resolution of 1600x1200 85Hrz (Sony's recommendations) or at 1280x1024 75 - 85Hrz (My reg. resolution settings) will there be/is there V-synch problems?

Those are the main questions I have, basically.. I've put myself 500 Canadian over budget (it's for a home system, I do all the digital restorations on the side) and this monitor is 700 bucks Canadian. So.. if anyone knows the answers/has a G410R and can respond it would be beyond appreciated. I'll just slap one of my old monitors kicking about to the present system if it's not worth while buying the 410.

<A HREF="" target="_new"></A> - link to system upgrade

"Only those who attempt the absurd, acheive the impossible." - Albert Einstein
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  1. If you already have a G400, save your money because they are almost the same monitor. To the eye, i cant notice the difference between the two.
  2. Thanks for the reply Ganache.

    I was thinking (live in a small town, so no one has the 410R for me to view) that there likely wouldn't be enough of a difference to justify the new monitor, so I'll stick with the G400.

    "Only those who attempt the absurd, acheive the impossible." - Albert Einstein
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