Eizo T68 end of light?

Hi all,

I have a Eizo T68 flexscan that is some 4-5years old and recently there has been some annoying flickering going on in the monitor, after a few hours it seems that different parts of the screen is flashing just a little bit but fully visible and very disturbing since I spend a lot of time in front of it, refresh and all that is set to max also tried diff setting problems remains, anyone know what might be the problem? Have had this monitor for years and I love it, or at least used to, what to do with it now? service? junk yard?


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  1. Try reducing your refresh rate to something like 70 or 75 hz.

    Also, because connections tend to deteriorate over time...unplug the data cable from the computer and clean the pins in the connector... dip a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol and sweep it several times across the pins, also do the same with the connector on your video card... let it dry, reconnect and see if that helps.

    As monitors age, parts deteriorate and sometimes the higher refresh rates can become unstable. You are probably getting near the time to buy a new monitor...

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  2. Teq,

    thanks, will try out your suggestions, the graphics card is brand new and has good reputation, so I guess it's the monitor that needs a good cleaning, or that I need a whole lot of cash to bye a new monitor

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