Can anyone recommend a 21" monitor under $500?

My friend has asked me to research monitors for him and he is looking to buy a new 21" for under $500. Can anyone recommend a good non aperture model? He doesn't want an aperture since ever since someone pointed out the lines he can't ignore them and he uses it for work and gaming.
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  1. the <A HREF="" target="_new">ViewSonic G220FB</A> look darn good to me (Shadow Mask).

    I want it so bad, but up here it cost 900$ (Canadian) with the taxes.

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  2. But that's what he doesn't want... the shadow mask (trinitron and diamondtron) tubes are the ones with the lines on them.

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  3. Depending where you and your friend live, you will likely have to expand that $500 budget a bit.

    Avoid monitors with Trinitron and Diamondtron tubes in them if the two lines are an issue.

    NEC, Viewsonic and KDS all have non-aperture monitors that are very good. KDS will likely be the least expensive. NEC periodically sells "refurbished" monitors that can be better than brand new and a darn sight cheaper.

    As I always advise, your friend should closely examine the monitor in a store, and resolve his purchase to the serial number. No matter the make of the monitor, there are often noticeable variations in adjustment from one to the next, so he needs to be picky...

    Good luck...

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  4. Does your friend have particular monitor preferences other than physical size?

    Could the monitor be a flat or curve screen?

    What kind of dot pitch range are we looking at?

    Does it matter if you buy the monitor from "joe" or must it be bought from a retailer?

    I just bought a Nec 1250+ from a retailer on ebay and it comes with a 3 year warranty through nec which IS VALID eventhough the purchase was made on ebay due to this seller actually having a business on the side that links to his ebay inventory. You'll notice that a lot of sellers on ebay try and say a product is new and has a 1 year warranty, but they don't tell you how if the product breaks and say the product was manufactured 2 years ago and there is no official receipt saying you bought it less than a year back....the company will prorate the products purchase time back those 2 years when it was manufactured...then you're another unhappy camper due to your warranty technically having expired! Anyhow, I got the monitor for $504 was actually $384 but I put down a ton for shipping since I wanted it 2nd day. I hope this helps you some. Best on your research.

    P.S. Know that there is a difference between the Nec 1250 with and without a plus symbol! The plus symbol is supposed to have a better dot pitch from what I gather...other than that....I wouldn't be able to tell you more at the moment.
  5. Aperture-grille CRT’s dampening wire that holds the grille in place can appear on the screen as possibly distracting thin lines.

    Shadow Mask monitors do <b>NOT</b> have that problem.

    Stop confusing the guy already!
    First you question my post to him about a shadow mask monitor saying it got lines, it does not. Then you tell him to look for non aperture grille types, which would be the shadow mask ones.

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  6. Ok, you're right... I checked the monitor you suggested with Viewsonic's tech support and it doesn't have the problem with the lines. They also say it's one of their most reliable products (which I'm not sure whether to believe or not :smile: ).

    I apologize if this is confusing... I adjust and repair these things and it confuses me... I've seen the terms "Aperture Grill" and "Shadow Mask" both used in respect to Diamondtron picture tubes, which have those two lines across them. I think we are running into a problem where the manufacturer's terminology is befuddling us...

    I guess the smart answer here is that before buying, a customer should look for themselves... as I'm sure you would agree.

    Thank you for calling me up short on this... it was my mistake.

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