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I woke up one day and my Philips 107s 17-Monitor was not working. The monitor screen was black, but the light next to the button was green. I have tried it on different computers and i have tried different monitors on my computer. Is there anything I can do?!?1?!
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  1. ok ring the philips help line

    i have a 109p and i had problems (3 year onsite warentee by the way)

    i rang them and they had such good customer service that i was thinking damn these guys are brillient!!!

    p.s. my monitor is currently away being fixed/adjusted (there wasn't anything wrong with it except i didn't like how it was adjusted) and i have a loaner one currently.

    ring em!!!
    my guys offered to replace it if i still wasn't happy with the settings of it. (even though its within the specifications set in the philips documentaion)
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