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Hi all,

I'm thinking of buying myself and my wife a pair of second hand 24" Sun monitors. The model number is Model # 3651352-01.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with these? I'm a little clueless about the refresh rates.. Sun's website gives info:

Pixel Resolution Horizontal Frequency
Vertical Frequency Pixel Frequency
1280 × 800 64.4 kHz 76.2 Hz 101.2 MHz
1440 × 900 71.8 kHz 76 Hz 135 MHz
1600 × 1000 68.5 kHz 66 Hz 135 MHz
1600 × 1000 79.9 kHz 76 Hz 170.1 MHz
1920 × 1200 87.1 kHz 70.3 Hz 219.3 MHz

I know it's massive overkill, but it's mainly going to be used for playing Everquest. I'm getting a good price on 'em.. just really need to know if it's going to support a good refresh rate at decently high res.

Thanks guys - I've come here for help before, and it's always been greatly appreciated! This is the first place I turn :)
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  1. Depends on the price!

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  2. Actually Re: stustustu

    A pair of these monitors? Wow. Is this CRT type? Because if you're looking for high resolution, you can get a Samsung monitor that goes up to the 19??x????. However, the refresh rates look really good. However good monitors only make up for half of the battle. You also need a good video card to support these big investments. I have a NEC FE700+ that can go really high, but because of my S3 4MB videocard, I can't get the "justice" i need, so I have to stick with 1152x??? at 60Hz. Not really pretty. But good luck with the monitors and have fun. :)

    BTW, isn't Everquest addictive? Play safe!

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  3. i wish i could get my hands on one of those babies
    One thing you have to note with sun monitors is that they use a different sync method to PCs which use a separate H+V sync whereas SUN monitors use a composite HV sync (HV signals on the one wire) for thid you need a sync adapter, you can find these at (no, i am not affiliated with them)

    also, you dint mention the lower frequecies (640x480, 800x600 etc) most older SUN monitors are FIXED FREQUENCY, which means they run at only one resolution, while i'm sure these will support the lower resolutions, if not you won't be able to see you BIOS screen, DOS or windows safe mode

    P.S i checked out the specs on this monitor and from what i found this is a separate/composite monitor which is PC compatible, but it didnt mention anything about the lower esolutions i mentioned earlier. i'd buy them personally
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