Dell 1900FP and 2000FP Comments/Review? seen one?


Anyone seen a review or any comments on either of these two monitors?

I'm "still" looking for a gaming LCD bigger than 17" and these from the little I've found look like they may do the job.

Happy New Year All.

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  1. I've had the 2000FP for about 2 weeks's what I can tell you:

    - you should use a DVI connection with this will look good on analog, but it's amazing with DVI (I'm using a Gainward GF3 with DVI)
    - color reproduction, clarity, and sharpness are incredible. Blacks look absolutely pitch black, whites are snow white. Blues, reds...everything looks true and appealing.
    - it's built like an army tank...actually weighs 25lbs. I found this doesn't feel flimsy in any way. When you go to swivel it, or move it, it feels strong and solid.
    - It scales VERY well...I'm currently playing MOHAA: Spearhead in 1280x1024, and it looks like a native resolution. Of course it's not a native resolution for this unit, but it sure looks great. I did not expect it to scale so well.
    - I'm not getting any ghosting in my games. I play mostly FPS...AVP2, NOLF2, MOHAA, SOF2. Also play High Heat Baseball 2003. Games look phenomenal on this unit...I can't emphasize that enough. Now, here's the caveat...I've read other comments from 2000FP owners that they get ghosting. As best I can tell, I think it comes down to what kind of gamer you are...if you are absolutely hardcore (and I don't mean in hours spent), and you play Q3A to the point where every single twitch and lightning-fast spin move is important, I hear ghosting is an issue. If you play FPS like me, and you're moving fast but not dizzying-speed fast, or "twitch-fast" as I've heard other people call it, I think the 2000FP is perfect for gaming. There are lots of people, like me, who get no ghosting at all...I think we're in the category of "heavy gamers, but not high-intensity hardcore gamers". If that makes sense! 25ms is a fast response time, fast enough for all but the most demanding game situations.
    - now that I've used this 2000FP for 2 weeks, NO WAY I'm going back to CRT...the difference is that huge.
    - I have one bad subpixel...I'm considering calling Dell, and having a replacement sent, in hopes of landing "the perfect LCD". But from what I hear, it's somewhat common to have at least one bad pixel somewhere on the unit. I just happen to be one of those sick individuals that wishes everything came perfect every time.
    - For the $900-$1000 this unit costs, it's an absolute bargain. It's now in the price range of most good 19" units...for my money, it's a steal.
    - Bottom line...I never thought colors could be so vivid, and text so clear and sharp, and games could look so good. This is a GREAT lcd.

    If you have any specific questions, fire away, I'll try to answer them. Hope this helps.

  2. Been researching and waiting for prices to drop on >17" flat panels for over a year, and finally found the Dell 2000FP. The specs looked decent, and Dell had the $899 price, so I gave it a try. I've had it for a week, and am running native 1600x1024 at 32bit color through DVI from GeForce4 V9280. Games run great, clarity, and brightness are great, and I haven't seen any ghosting even running video benchmarks. Highly recommended it.
  3. The Feb 2003 issue of PC includes a review of the Dell 1900 FP. You can see it online as well at Dell now has 10% off and free shipping on LCDs that ends Feb 3 at 11PM Central Time. Hurry.
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