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I have finally decided to move from my Sony 17" 200SF CRT monitor to a 19" LCD monitor. After looking for a few days in many webpages, I have narrowed my options to Iiyama 4821 and Samsung 191T. Can anyone recommend which of these two monitors I should choose, or even a better choice? I intend to use this monitor mainly for text and 2D graphics. Also a little bit gaming but not a freak gamer!

To be honest, I haven't managed to find reviews on the 19" Iiyama but I know they make very good monitors and their 17" monitors got the best reviews. I don't have a particular reason but I think I prefer Iiyama over Samsung.

Any help on this would be really appreciated.
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  1. PC World just did a review on 19" LCDs. The Iiyama was one of them. SAMSUNG 191T came in first, Iiyama trailed mostly due to it's high price. Go to PC World reviews.
  2. Thank you very much! Your help has been great. It seems that I had already chosen the best two 19" LCD monitors out there after all :P

    The only problem now is to choose the winner between these two. Their difference is almost $150 (in USD) from where I shop, so I believe I will go with Samsung.

    Has anyone had any personal experience with Samsung 191T?
  3. Well, I just bought mine a week ago after following posts on this site and doing other research. I can tell you there have been complaints of "ghosting" or trailing from the gamers. I beleive you are a gamer about the level of myself - you intend to play but won't be consumed by hours of online "Unreal Tournement" contests.
    In this case you probably won't have a problem with it.
    I can also say I have put the monitor on a 6 year old system while await my new jacked up system. You can imagine the graphics card I have - it's 5 years old running on a 233 MGHZ processor. And the picture looks great.
  4. Don't belive people who say that the 191t doesn't have a ghosting problem. Anyone who says that bought one. I have seen this monitor, and unless you have severely indiscriminant taste, it's overall image quality resides on my nutsaq. Sure it looks great in windows, but take it to any fast game, and the >40 FPS cap imposed by its 25ms refresh rate kills you. 1000\25 = 40. Wasn't it established that 60 FPS is a neccesity if you want your video to look good... this was back in 1997 (3dfx! woot). See it for yourself, wipe the natural bias of LCDs looking cool from your decision making process, and you will realize that your trinitron is much preferable. The only LCD worth considering right now in my oppinion, keeping in mind what you are currently using, is the Hitachi CML174\ Planar PX171. Though, they are kind of small, and they dont support 1600x1200. Im probably just going to wait. The 40 had a less than sign in front of it too. CS looked like it chugged around at 30 or so.
  5. Yah, If you still have a good quality CRT, keep it. Until the LCDs catch up for DVD movie watching and fast games.

    Maybe in a year or two, it might be worth it. If you want to spend the money use a LCD for office apps, no problem.

    Not many people talk about the FPS cap on LCDs, good point.

    I figure, I will save my money on good CRTs and spend the money elsewhere. In the future, I might buy a LCD.

    the Prisoner

    I'm not a number, I'm a free man! :mad:
  6. I wanted the 191t samsung also. Unfortunatly I could not get one without a defect. I went through literally FOUR of them. All had either many non conforming pixes/dead,lit etc.. or other screen defects.
    And also , for games I would not recommend it. I have a radeon 9700 pro, and the ghosting was much worse than on an old sony 15" lcd I was using.
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