Do flat panels have trouble with displaying text?

I have a Dell 1800FP monitor. I don't know if I have a bad monitor or if it's just a drawback of using this versus a crt. It's noticable in WORD, EXCEL, IE to name a few. Do this simple test to see if you have the same problem. 1) Open MS WORD 2) type the word "Thursday". the default style: normal, font: Times New Roman, size: 16. 3) select the entire line where the letters are now white and the background for the line is black. The letters are nice and sharp and white. 4) change the font size to 18. This is where the trouble begins. The "s" is nolonger perfectly white and very sharp, but it's has some black smuge on it. Other letters have this problem, but it occurs mainly on the s. 5) Now click anywhere on the WORD document to the the letters displayed in black. You will notice that some parts of some of the letters are faded - as if someone took a pencil eraser to it. Does anyone know something about this?
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  1. are u using cleartype or text smoothing?

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  2. Well, it looks like I was using text smoothing. (on Display Effects, Use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts was selected and it was set to Standard). I unclicked that setting and that problem I described is gone. I thank you very much - you should work for Dell Technical Support.
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