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I am having a little trouble deciding on which monitor to purchase. I was planning on purchasing a SONY E540B Black Retail for $529 with free shipping. But one of my co workers has a CPD-G520 which he purchased for $700 which he only used for 3 months and is in perfect condition for $570. So which route would you choose?

Does anyone know the diffrence between the E540 and the G520.
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  1. I'm not sure about the differences, but to be safe, i'd get the new one. You're going to be looking at this thing, for possibly hours, and if you have to deal with dead pixels just to have saved a couple bucks, you might regret it later. I'd go the safe route and get the new one, that way you'll be sure you can enjoy the monitor you are looking at.

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  2. it not like he is buying it on ebay, he can see the monitor. the used one is much nicer than the other, i would go for that

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