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My brother comes over and uses my PC to play his Aviation Games, and for who knows what reson, he changed the Resolution on my Monitor to where it only flickers and I have no way to change it back through the GUI, I have tried re_loading the Graphics Drivers, the entire Win98 OS, and even returning it to a previous back-up.... but to no avail ..?? Can anyone Help ?? I assume I need to change it in DOS somehow but I don't know how to do that .. ??
PLEASE HELP !! Thank You, Dave Taylor
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  1. Let me get this straight... He changed your the resolution and the screen just flickered and didn't return to it's former state. So you completely reinstalled Windows and it STILL flickers? Sounds like he did more than just change the resolution. More like damaged the video card or monitor. When you install Windows it will default to 640x480 resolution. So if your monitor isn't showing a picture then something is definately wrong physically with your system.

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  2. Finally, somebody replied, (Iwas beginning to wonder?). Acording to him, he thought he was still in the game..and was only applying changes to the game. It is a removable HD and my Monitor works fine with my other HD. With my messed_up HD it looks fine while Booting-up..until Win98 takes over.. then all I get is flickering lines. I can wipe my HD and start over but I don't want to loose everything I have stored on that drive. Any sugestions ??
  3. Actually I TRIED to re-install Windows, but was unable to because of the flickering GUI...
    Dave T.
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