NEC 97f -a new monitor? i need help getting19"crt-

HEllo- I have been looking for a monitor for over a Month already! Im Having serius hard time to decide for one. i have been thinking in many kind of monitors, i want FLAT SCREEN 19" i have been in many stores and nothing seens to have what i want... Yesterday i was on (CircuitCity)and i saw a NEC 97F color black.. monitor very nice model and the screen looked nice to me BUT... i have no idea if thats Good OR Bad? at the side i saw a SONY A440 19" but $$$$ !!

The NEC 97f only $270 & SONY A440 $400 + $50mail rebate??

im currently using a OLD ugly terrible 14'' SYLVANIA monitor and im having EYE PAIN for over 8 months, i cant keep using this or i will die !!!

after seeing does monitors at stores im CHOCKED IMPRESS so i want the best on 19" For GAMING + anything..... i was trying to decide for THIS=

NEC 97f - $270

SamSung Syncmaster 957df - $?

ViewSonic P95f -? i wish there was in black..

SONY A440 -$400

SONY E440 black -$315

IM SO CONFUSED so many Monitors so many combinations and so many opinions i canttt DECIDE PLEASE . Can someone get me Out of this HOLE IAM ??

and any idea if NEC 97f is worth getting so i can just go to CIRCUITCITY and pick it up and be happy for long time!!

THX THX THX THX THX THX--------------------------------
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  1. I'd say forget the 19" and go to where you can choose from a small selection of nice grade-A 21" monitors all under $335
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