I just picked-up my Sony CPD-G410R 19" Monitor and OMG!

Give you a bit of my monitor quest.

These are the monitors I tried in order before I settled on my Sony

1. Rank 6 - Samsung - 955df (by far the worst)
2. Rank 5 - View Sonic - A90f
3. Rank 4 - LG - 995ft Plus
4. Rank 2 - Samsung 760V 17" TFT LCD Monitor – Silver
5. Rank 3 - LG - 915ft Plus
6. Rank 1 - Sony - CPD-G410R (By far the best)

The 955df was horrible, geometry was insane, how can it be put on the shelf? Who would put up with that? Picture was excellent, I mean text was somewhat clear, but right side screen had massive moiré, the OSD control could not rid of it, from lowest setting to highest. Brought this dud back quickly for a View Sonic!

I’m getting a View Sonic, wow…Not!
The A90f was very close to the Samsung in disappointment, geometry was much better, but still needed much tweaking to get it right. The problem with this monitor was mostly with its picture… Its’ hard to describe, but I’ll give it a shot. When viewing Word docs or anything with a white background, you can unmistakingly make out dust that stuck on the inner tube. Like dirt, leaving patches of light (faint) grey colonies… randomly all over the screen. WTF is that… performance was ok for text and colour… nothing to write home about.

Ah, the LG 995ft and LG 915ft. I was blown away with theses models, especially the 915 plus. I brought back the 995 because it couldn’t do 1280 x 1024 in high refresh rate and the screen look slightly out of focus, a bit blurry but not too bad. I think if LG had higher quality testing they would take the monitor market by storm. Right now as it stands, it’s winning the lottery to get a defect free Flatron. It’s too bad. Theses have a lot going for them, i.e. true flat screen, no damper wires, and heat sensitive buttons… (Very stylish) Because of the randomness of LG, The 995 had a much better picture than its higher spec’d big brother the 915. The 995 was almost perfect, screen almost as good as this Sony I’m currently using. Although the 915 should be better than the 995, in my case it wasn’t. Close inspection on the 915 revealed poor (slight) geometry performance, Very bad out of focus text (very blurry on bottom / right side of screen) uneven back lighting; left side of screen was brighter than the right side, streaking, ghosting and the down arrow button was being pushed inside the case, where it didn’t respond at time to my touch. I’m almost sure if I would have got a new 915ft, that perhaps that one would have been perfect. LG flatron have so much potential…

The Samsung 760V 17" TFT LCD, was unbelievable, sharp, clear, square (awesome geometry) and cool looking, but don’t like video playback, and don’t like the fact that’s it’s designed to work in one resolution. Also, weird colour representation, and uneven brightness, colours and intensity would overlay gradientcy depending on your head position to screen and how you’re sitting. Not doubt, flat panels are the future, but I didn’t feel like being a guinea pig.

Sony - CPD-G410R – no one flaw… I repeat, not one flaw… Everything you could ask for in a 19” monitor.

Let me know if am off in any of my analysis.

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  1. On the Samsung 955df, I have seen some for sale and they looked nice. I looked up some reviews on it and the monitor got very good reviews. I did see a couple reviews that looked like they had some similar problems like you did. Maybe a few bad apples out there.

    Also, getting a 19" monitor with good quality for about $200.00(US) is a great deal.

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