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Hello, Ive just been given a Dell 21 inch monitor (model number Ultrascan 21FS) and im pretty sure its quite old because it only has a dot-pitch of .31 and its maximum resolution is 1280x1024 @ 70hz. i was going to connect this monitor and give it a go on my comp before attempting to sell it, however it doesnt have a normal 15-pin VGA connector but instead a 13-pin 13W3 connector. Now im not sure what type of connector this is, and if its really old or designed for profeesiional cards (I think this was a CAD monitor) but apparently it was supplied with a convertor whwn new, so im guessing you can still get them. if so I would like to get one to try it out. Any info on where they might be sold?
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  2. 13W3 connectors where used on many different models, I even designed in a few myself. I sell the video cables for my monitors. See this link.


    There is no guarantee that this will work on the Dell monitor, in fact odds are it will not.

    The problem is, there is no standard for the pin configuration, like the (15-pin VGA) connectors. Thus without knowing the pinnout you cannot tell what pins have what signals. Contact Dell and ask them for the pinnout.

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  3. Thanks soooo much Gosharks, will contact Dell, I dont exactly imagine it being on their website :) If it is a strange pinout, perhaps I could have a go at making one myself from the connector and a monitor adapter cable.
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