I have LCD Monitor Samsung Syncmaster 181t and Radeon 8500 64 Mb built by ATI. I have installed Radeon and Samsung via DVI to DVI cable. But there is no display when I start the computer, not even the message from the BIOS. When I connect the VGA (D-sub) cable between monitor and computer it works fine. Also with DVI connection I can't turn on monitor from powersaving mode with my keyboard and mice. After system restart, monitor goes black. But when I connect monitor video card through analog cable- everything is O.K.! What's happened? Help me, please !

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  1. This seems like an issue with the video card rather than the panel. Seems to me like it's default is analog, and until it reaches windows and drivers allow it to use dvi, it doesn't.

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  2. I change my video card for Leadtek WinFast A250 4200 and nothing changed.....

  3. Hmm, how bout u check the bios and make sure there isn't some special setting.

    What if you had admin rights to life?
  4. I know this probably is'nt the best time to ask, but when you are able to use your syncmaster 181t in anolog, how does the display look? I am planning on buying the same one, but have'nt seen to many people endorsing it. BTW when you figure out what the deal is between the video card and the monitor could you let me know. I also have the radeon 8500 AIW (128mb)

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  5. Picture from digital device is more precise, less moire.

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