Problems with Flat Screen Display..

do any of you guys out there have problems getting a 'perfectly' rectangular display on your 19" flat monitors? i just bought a hitachi CM721F monitor and the top and bottom parts of the screen were 'sloped' and could not be corrected.. had it replaced and now.. only the top part is 'sloped'..

was told a lot of large 19" flat screens suffer from these kind of problems.. it has something to do with the fact that a lot of the monitors project a curved image and the glass makes it so that it seems 'flat'.. is this correct? and does this happen to a lot of large flat screen monitors?

thanks in advance.
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  1. My dell 21" (based on sony g500ps tube) has this same problem, curved at top and bottom only.

    From newsgroups I know it's normal to be curved on bottom, but not sure about the top. Apparently only the very top and very bottom are cut off, rest of image isnt curved at all, I estimate Im missing maybe 6 pixels worth of data between the top and bottom, it really doesnt bother me.
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