Monitor Suggestions Appreciated

Hey all. I'm currently searching for a monitor to meet my needs, and would greatly appriciate some suggestions.
First and foremost, I need superb image quality, and the best possible refresh rate. I do a lot of gaming and movie watching, as well as work in some graphics programs, so this trait is important to me. Next, I'd prefer a larger screen, say 19" viewable or upwards. Money is not a real concern (within reason. I'd like to keep it under $2500 if at all possible). Finally, I'd really appreciate feedback on if I should go LCD or CRT. I've heard a lot of controversy about the refresh rate of LCDs creating blurry images, which would be detrimental to what I use it for if the blurring is as bad as I imagine it to be.

Below are some models I'm looking at. Feel free to suggest any others.
ViewSonic: VX900 and VP201mb (which appears to be more expensive and not as good as the VX900. Am I missing something?)

ViewSonic: P225F
LaCie: Electron 22 blue III
NEC: FP1375X (with DVI!)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Well, I've just made the jump to an LCD. But it hasn't come yet. :) After some research I decided on the Dell 2000FP. It's a 20.1" LCD with numerous inputs, even PIP, all for about $1250. Heck you could get two with your budget, but then the problem becomes driving them (simultaneously anyway) Anyway, that's the one I decided on, and the people over at arstechnica seem to love it :)
  2. if game and movie is your major thing, get a crt!

    you could get a very nice BIG crt for less then $1000 which will be better then any lcd you will found for gaming
  3. Or he can wait for FFD. Haven't seen u , where ya been?

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  4. I havn't heard of FFD. What can you tell me about it, and when will it come out?
  5. <A HREF=",3428,a=15016,00.asp" target="_new">Link</A>.
    Should be out soon.

    My frog asked me for a straw...dunno what happened his ass all over the place :eek:
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