Help me decide between these 4, 19" Monitors

Okie i narrowed down my choices and want to buy a monitor mabey tomorrow. I'd like your advice on which one of these moitors i should buy? Have you had eny bad experiences with eny of them? Thankz to all your responses

Sony G420s ____ $620 ($Cnd.)
Nec Fe991SB ____ 480
LG Flatron 915+ ____ 475
Iiyama Vision Master Pro 454 ___(dont know how much it costs and would have to order it online)

I am leaning towards the sony g420, is it a good choice, what do u guys think? how good is the text/graphics quality of this moitor?

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  1. I vote for the Iiyama (a friend has it). It's best to go look at the monitors, though.

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  2. I think the Sony is a good monitor but I don't know where in canada you can get it for that price has it at $883.00 and has it for $699.00. But if you can get it for the price you mentioned I think it would be a great deal.
  3. Okie i think im gonna get the sony g420s. I just have a concern about the physical size of the monitor. I know the messurments are (H 18.5"), (W 17.8") and (D 18.1"), but i also know that CRT's tend to slim down in the back of the monitor. So i have a favor to ask to all sony g420 owners if they could tell me the Width of the monitor in the back? This is important to me because this monitor is gonna be placed in a corner of a room and i dunno if its gonna be enough space for it.
  4. If you don't mind me asking...where are you getting the sony 420s for $620?
  5. The prices are from a local store in Canada/Toronto.
    heres their website.
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  6. i can't give you an exact measurment because the back of the monitor is sort of hard to access, but i think it narrows down to around 12 inches in the back for the width.

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  7. I've got the Iiyama. Had it for a few weeks now. I love it. Crystal clear text, bright as hell, colors look great. To make this fair though, the text is not as sharp in the corners, but still sharp. Other than that, everything is great. If you have any specifics, please ask.

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