Sony G410r vs. G420S

I am trying to decide between these two monitors, and want to know if there is a difference in visual quality between them. If the difference is only the sound and dual inputs, I will go with 410. But of there is more, like extra OSD controls, I will go with the 420.

Also, why are there no in depth reviews of this monitor? Sure there is the Tom's review that kindof hits on it, but no one else seems to care. Maybe the world is shifting to LCDs?!?

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  1. As far as the difference between the CRTs... I don't know. I would suspect that, since the prices are very close, that there isn't much difference. I ended up buying the G420S because, well, the price difference was $20 for me (make sure you check out shipping prices at different places--I did NOT order from the place with the cheapest "price".. but the overall bill was lowest).

    Also, the dual inputs and the sound are nice... you can hook up an "old" computer through the second input and the sound and not worry about a second set of speakers or another monitor on your desk. Its great when you want to keep instant messengers and mail programs open when you want to play a game or work on big programs.

    In any event, my 420 is a GREAT monitor so far (I've had it a week)... best of luck with whatever Sony you buy!
  2. I got a G410, and its great.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I went back to Sony's site, and I noticed something weird. When you click on the G410r specs, you get the specs for the G400! I know it's not a bad monitor, but I am suprised the are selling rebadged versions of it. I think I will wait to find out more (if its the truth) before ordering...
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