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My 17 inch monitor flickers at 1280 by 1024 resolution. I need a bigger monitor with bigger resolutions without the flickering. What are the facts and figures I should look out for (CRT monitor preferred).

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  1. I've always had good luck with Sonys. A lot of people will say you're paying for the name...

    Good monitors will have refresh rate of 80Hz or above. If you're into gaming, consider an apeture grill monitor - AG uses ovals instead of little squares (dot matrix). Text won't be as sharp, but graphics more often than not will be better.

    I always recommend going with quality when it comes to monitors - it's the one thing you're never (almost never) gonna upgrade. It's the eyes to your computer. So spending a few extra bucks to get a top end 19" for 400 bucks is a wise choice.

    Take a look at the Sony CPD-G420S or the CPD-G410R
  2. Thanks, but is it also a case of - the bigger the monitor, the bigger the resolution supported?

    AMD VS INTEL - AMD anyday
  3. Quote:
    Thanks, but is it also a case of - the bigger the monitor, the bigger the resolution supported?

    No, this is entirely not the case. It is almost entirely the case that you pay for what you get, i.e. the most expensive monitors have the better picture. What you need to find is a monitor that displays a picture you like at the resolution you are going to use, go and look at a few in the shop and decide what you prefer.
  4. 1) Look for the recommended, not max, resolution you want.
    2) Look for an acceptable refresh rates (at least 75hz) at the recommended resolution.
    3)Aperature grill (trinitron, diamontron)- good color, brightness, flatness, generally better image, and two lines (maybe annoying to some)
    4)Shadow mask - text sharpness, it's curvy or slightly so, it can be grainy, dimmer
    5)dot pitch/grill pitch - ~something under 0.27 or so (most are these days). generally smaller is better, but not a always a reliabe figure in terms of actual image
    6)Your eyes or reviews -- see,, etc., do some searching.

    sony, mitsubishi, nec, eizo, apple, tend to be very good but pricier.

    viewsonic, iiyama, samsung, are popular, good and more affordable

    top models, usually not in your local stores, but online or mail order

    generally, you get what you pay for. inspect the monitor at home for defects, as variance within a model may be as great as variance among different brands/model

    browse the posts here!

    Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
  5. AG use vertical phosphor lines divided by filaments, not ovals. slotmasks uses rectangular phosphors. some shadow masks use isoceles phosphor triads, as opposed to the common equilateral. I think there are some oval phosphors too, though they're not classed as AG.

    very good AG will have text comparably sharp as shadow masks from my experience.

    I like mitsu's for good text and graphics, and sony's for graphics.

    Quality is better than name brand, even regarding beloved AMD.
  6. Don't get a Viewsonic. See my thread about the Viewsonic A90f.
  7. You may want to visit my research section on I have many papers, faq's and other tools to help you understand the jargon.

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