HELP! £140 Graphics card topped 100 degrees C!

Hey guys,

My XFX Radeon 6870 2GB edition is behaving very strangely, i have had it several months and often play BF3 on ultra settings with it no problems. Recently though it has started lagging even with very low ping. I discovered there was a problem when i removed the side panel of my computer and moved some wires away from my CPU fan that i though were too close. In doing so i brushed my hand against my GPU and burnt my fingers, opening AMD overdrive i discovered i had started averaging an IDLE temp of 75-85 degrees and at that particular moment i was pushing 95! This continued to rise rapidly before i could reduce the power to my card it hit 105 and shut down! There doesent appear to be anpermanant damage to the card but this is clearly a severe issue and i clearly can't afford to stress my card again until this heat issue is solved.

I don't know exactly what the problem might be, but i do have a relatively hot room (poor ventilation) and i only use stock cooling, any ideas as to what i should do/what the problem is?
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  1. I have now cleaned the system and upon rebooting it noticed what i believe to be the issue. The fan within seems to be moving very slowly, maybe it is damaged? What i am going to try and do (as my temperatures upon reeboot are very low-55-60 degrees) is stress test the card with the stop button ready as soon as/if it tops 90 degrees i shall then check to see if the fan has adjusted speed. If you have any problems/tweaks to make with the suggestion then i shall consider them, send me your thoughts. P.S. I am also considering buying some very good quality case fans as air circulation might well be the issue (as we all know, due to the laws of thermal equilibrium, the higher the temperature differential in two air spaces, the faster that heat is transferred to equalize the temperatures) Seem like a good idea? :p
  2. When you say "the fan within seems to be moving very slowly" if you're referring to the GPU fan itself you may as well just RMA it, if you're talking case fans replace them asap you don't want to prolong heat exposure in your computer, they're like 5 bucks each from amazon for Coolermaster 120mm's (my personal choice)
    Just check everything make sure nothing else is getting that hot, if anything else is I would check the rest of your cooling equipment.
  3. @ Destructopuppy: Thermodynamics on the Forum, whatever next?
    The old favourite is GPUZ, it'll monitor temperatures and fanspeeds while recording about 4 minuets of activity (right click each bar for average, min or max values).
    You can force the fan to run at a higher speed.
    Open the AMD Catalyst Control Centre and then 'performance'. Click 'overdrive' , once there, 'Enable Graphics Overdrive ' then 'Enable manual fan control'. Set the slider to maximum then 'accept', it should now be running like a Hoover, if not it's probable the fan has died...Time for a RMA. If it runs up to speed and the card is still running hot you've two choices: Remove the heatsink and refit it with new thermal compound or, again, return it under warranty.
  4. @coozie: Everyone loves a good bit of thermodynamics eh? :D
    Overdrive isn't working though, i'm going to buy some case fans instead like you suggested :)
  5. The fan is now making a very loud buzzing sound and running slowly, i have decided to send it to be RMAd, as this is clearly an internal issue :(
  6. Sorry the soloution was an RMA, hopefully the replacement will be OK.
    Never found the need for more than a good exhaust fan coupled with a front intake and a decent aftermarket CPU cooler that drives its exhaust out, towards the case exhaust to keep things cool. Then again, I'm in England. Cool, damp, windy England.
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