Display gone pink!

My display went pink all of the sudden, with streaks of this horrid pink now spreading to the right of every graphic object, including text.

Has anyone expirienced something similar? Is this more likely monitor or graphics adapter related? Adpater is GeForce3-based, 6 months old, and monitor a 19" Samsung SyncMaster (appx. a year and a half old).

I'd bet monitor myself, but if anyone knows differently, please comment.
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  1. Check your monitor connection pins. I had something similar to this happen when one of the pins of my sister's monitor had cracked off inside her video card. If you plugged that monitor into my system, then the blue color information was missing (i think it was the blue pin...can't remember exactly). But if you used her video card (with the pin broken off inside it) all the colors displayed normally. Your monitor's documentation should have a map for all the pins...check it out.

  2. Also could be one of the electron guns got knocked out of whack.

  3. Thanks zigzag, it seems it's the electron guns. I left it alone for a day or so, and it's back to normal. I'll have to check if warranty still stands, maybe I get it changed before it completely goes out.
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