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I'm looking for a new graphics card around £200, at the moment I have a GTX 280, but the thing is hot and loud as hell. I get paid Friday a lot more money but I've frequently read that for most games getting a card over £200 is just overkill because many games aren't really going to push that for some time. But I am also aware the GTX 680 just came out and more Kepler launches are set to happen and price cuts yada, so should I wait?

I also need to upgrade my monitor as at the moment I have a shamefully un-gamey plug in and play 1280x1024 monitor, and I was thinking of upgrading that before the GPU but I think I'll go with the GPU first because I imagine higher resolutions will put even more of a strain on the molten sun temperature of my 280 but I'll listen to any counter argument.

Anyway, suggestions?
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  1. That isn't exactly true.It depends which games you play.Most modern PC(not ported from console) games will push a card to it's limits.And even if it doesn't you still want a constant 60fps+.

    As of now the only price cut I know of is the 7970.Perhaps once the rest of Nvidia's lineup is released it will offer a better card for the money but it's still an unknown.If you must know wait another week or 2 and I'm sure the GTX670 and GTX660 will be out.

    What are your full system specs?(CPU,RAM,etc.)

    Well at that resolution your GTX280 is hardly doing any work.I suggest upgrading your monitor first.You'll likely see a improvement with your GTX280.
  2. For that budget this 7850 would I think be the best.

    But first, show us our specification.
  3. Oops forgot about that!

    CPU - i5 2500k
    GPU- GTX 280
    RAM - 8GB DDR3
    OS - Windows 7 x64

    But I would contest my GPU could take more to be honest, nevermind barely working, the sound and heat are immense, it barely has a fan just a ring of half inch plastic bits and it always hits around 90c in games.
  4. What is that in american dollars....around 250? For that money the best card you can get is a gtx 560ti 448 core:

  5. Ah yes, that one I have been looking for a while, which make is the best though?
    I've heard great things about the Twin Frozr -
  6. That one is actually the regular 560ti, not the 448 core model. The 448 core model is a detuned gtx 570, not a buffed up 560ti. Its still a fine card, but try and look around a bit for the 448 core model if you can find one for 200 euros.
  7. Woops!


    Okay, say that, what's the difference in make? Because all I'm seeing is different cases but £40 or so between them!
  8. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/1280mb-asus-gtx-560-ti-directcu-ii-40nm-3800mhz-gddr5-gpu-732mhz-shader-1464mhz-448-cores-2x-dl-dvi-

    Thats the best card on that page. A 560ti 448 core is around ~20% faster than a 560 ti. If your budget is 200 euro i suggest that asus model, you wont find a better card for the price (unless you can find the MSI twin frozr 3 version for the same price).
  9. The 7850 is on par with the GTX560ti 448 core.But it consumes 80 watts less.And can be O.C. a lot.
  10. +1 for the 7850 the cheap ones are running out in most places this is the best deal I can find http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-005-VX&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=411 there were some saphire ones for around £5 more about but are all out of stock or gone up as far as I can see.
  11. VTX looks like Sapphire.They use the same animated girl on the front.Maybe it's just a EU version of Sapphire?
  12. Hey, I tend to stick with NVIDIA, should have mentioned that.

    Got paid more than usual for some reason, whatever, so this is what I'm thinking.

    I'm gonna buy a Viewsonic VP2365 23"

    And also, I've seen that interesting thing by EVGA, the Step Up program, would you recommend buying the EVGA version of the 560ti 448? The way I see it, I'd be able to upgrade to whatever NVIDIA is going to be releasing in the 600 series pretty easy.

    Really appreciate the help by the way guys.
  13. This is a much much better monitor


    That's to bad you want a Nvidia card.The 7850/7870 from AMD is a really good card.But oh well.The GTX560ti 448 core is still a good card.I don't have any personal experience with EVGA's trade up program but I've heard good things about it around the forums.But considering how cheap GTX580's have become you might even want to grab one of those.
  14. That monitor looks too good to be true, I've never heard of it (the mid-rangers I've seen recommend is a certain DELL one and that Viewsonic) and it's £150.

    Why is it much better?
  15. It's just all around better in every way.


    It's actually a very popular monitor in the US.
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