Console-PS3 Brand New.Something´s wrong...

Hey guys !
So I´ve bought a brand new PS3 system but I feel that something´s wrong,I´m getting low FPS Rate in ALL GAMES,I really don´t know why,I´m not that much of a consoles dude,so is this normal?
I mean,is playable,of course it is but sometimes,FPS drop from...let´s just say 50FPS to 30,out of nowhere.

Is it normal?
When driving cars,games like Saints Row The Third,Mafia 2 and GTA 4 drop FPS RATE SO much,playable but still sucks...

Is this normal?
Also,all the games look like crap,seems that AA is missing and stuff like that,the resolution totally sucks,the games look like fkk,is this normal?

Is this the PS3?
The mighty PS3?
A shitty FPS RATE in games with bad and low settings in graphics?

Thanks for your answer dude :)
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  1. I own an i7 860 stock with 8GB of RAM 1333Mhz and 1TB HDD with a shltty motherboard,my GPU burned.
    Should I buy ATI´s 6850 and play some real games and STOP fking around on this shltty console thing.....looks horrible....
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