NEC Multisync95 - Vertical line?

hey all,

i have an NEC multisync95 that has this vertical white line about 1 inch from the left hand side of my screen.
it is most noticible when the screen is pure white.
i have been reading about these aperture grill stuff (i've never had any monitor line problems before) and i have tried GoSharks' solution: whack the side of the monitor, which didn't work. the problem developed spontaneously a month or so ago, i haven't moved the 19" since i bought it over a year ago.

any ideas? can it be the vid card?
Res: 1152 * 864
Refresh: Hor: 91 kHz, Ver: 100Hz
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  1. Sounds like something is wrong with the monitor. I have the MS95 on one of my systems at home, and it doesn't have this problem.

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  2. i just had a revelation. when i see the display on my monitor says i am running at 108.5khz/100hz, is that showing the horizontal and then the vertical frequencies? if so then why? i was under the impression that 85hz is 85 hz for the whole screen. or can anyone tell me why it says 108.5khz/100hz rather than 100hz?

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  3. I have an NEC MS FE950+ which had a problem with vertical lines. GoSharks' solution worked for me. WEIRD - but thanks, GoSharks.
  4. what kind of vertical line were you having?

    sort of a mild discoloration?

    was it thick? mine is about 3-4 mm thick, 1 inch from the left of the screen.

    how hard did you whack it?
  5. I had about 3 or 4 vertical lines 4 inches from the left side of the screen. They looked exactly like the horizontal aperture grill lines - very thin and gray. I wouldn't call it a discoloration and they weren't that wide. Just a light slap (enough to vibrate the case a little) took care of it. It sounds like you have a different problem - sorry to hear that.
  6. well after several hard whacks nothing improved.

    looks like it is a different problem. strange.

    and no one on tomshardware here seems to know..
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