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Hello everyone,

I am in search for a new graphic card for a few time now.
I waited for the release of the AMD 7800 series and the nvidia kepler to see if prices would change. But with the delays of the nvidia chips and no change of prices on the AMD side I am ready to take the plug.
I have been watching the reviews and it seems the 7850 would be the best bang for the buck on the market at the moment. Although overclockers have a 6950 at the same price which performs about the same or slight better out of the box but as less potentially for OC.
I tried to wait to see if I could afford a 7870 but the performance just seem not to justify it. Also which 7850 should I go to. I can get the MSI OC for £199 or the xfx black edition for £228. Is the price difference justified? Or is it better just try and overclock the MSI?

I will be gaming mainly at 1080p and my rig is a Q600 with 8GB of memory so I might be CPU limited in some games.

Thank you very much in advance,
Bruno Santos
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  1. Wait, 7850 doesn't perform like 6950 according to tom's hardware, it performs like 6970 instead. at the budget £250, you have two options whether pay less for a 7850 which costs around £215 or pay more to get an around £285 7870. The best 7850 I think (totally 'I think' note) is, MSI 7850 Twin Frozer III (£210 OCUK) And if you want to pay for a 7870, you can get a sapphire 7870 which has the best value for your £250 budget. In OCUK it costs £275.
  2. For my money the HD7870 is just too expensive for the fairly small performance increase it offers over the HD7850.
    As Refillable says, the HD7850 is a fair bit faster than the HD6950, and if you compare reference cards it's also cooler and quieter.
    Right now supplies are limited and, again, I have to agree with Refillable, that MSI Twin Frozer III is a sweet card for the price, so I'd suggest you try to hunt one down.
    Failing that this is available and well under budget:

    And, finally, yes you'll find the CPU is a little slow but it can be overclocked to great effect ;)
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