Which 17-inch monitor?

I am planning to get a 17-inch monitor to replace my old 15-inch. I'm not looking for top of the line but for the best bang for the buck monitor. I don't really have a list of monitors I'm interest in yet and I want some suggestions.

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  1. the samsung 753df is an okay sadowmask, not best for games. it is like about 150$. THe philips 107p is a better 17 with high resolution and refresh rate and i think .25 dotpitch.
  2. I got the Samsung 753DF from Best Buy for $199US with a $50US rebate for my partner. Its a great monitor for the price and I ended up buying 2 more for my other partner and little brother.

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  3. Thanx guys.

    Anymore suggestions so I can have a list to look at to compare prices and features. Maybe I'll change the question.

    What 17-inch moniter would you recommend or which 17-inch moniter do you currently own (if you own one)?

    <i>It is not illegal until you get caught! :wink: </i>
  4. I posted this in the other 17" thread as well.
    I just got a 17" NEC Fe700 Flat Screen CRT Aperture Grille (good for graphics/games) at Staples for $200 w/ $20 mail in rebate. Looks great, optimum resolution at 1024x768 or 1200x1024. 1024x768 seems easiest on my eyes with plenty of space on the screen to ovoid an overcrowded feeling.
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