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Anyone has try this monitor with an Ati Radeon 8500? How does it perform with this video crad? How the games looks with this Radeon? Has this video card problem with this monitor? Thanks in advance.
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  1. I have this lcd and have try it with both Radeon aiw and Radeon8500, in additional I have also try it with gf2mx with absolutely no problem that I can detect!

    but then I am not as picky as some seem to be in this forum!
    is a very good lcd consider that price as compare to some other of the same size class!
  2. I'm not disappoint with my monitor, infact i never see any other lcd with vibrant color and perfect image like VG191.
    The only disappoint that i found in this monitor is the price, infact i pay $2200 for this monitor (I'm not American, I'm italian and here in Italy the LCD monitors cost 2 or 3 times more than in USA).
    I'm instead very disappointed with this video card. In your opinion, the Geforce4, would have some problem with this monitor? Anybody try a geforce4 with this monitor?
  3. I doubt you'd have this problem with a GF4, but if I were you, I would wait for the R300 from ATI. Won't be too long until it's released (only a few months).

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  4. I am planing on getting a Geforce4 ti4600 and this monitor, or the Vg181, why would there be a problem with this Combo ?

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  5. Well the GF3 had issues with the VG191. It was easily fixed though, so I guess you have nothing to worry about.

    Jack Burton is a great man...
  6. I wouldn't be concerned about it- NVidia addressed the certain Gf3 probs w/ the LCD monitors, but considering those could be fixed by a bios flash, in teh worst case that'll be teh same for the GF4, but I am almost positive there will be no problems with it.

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  7. ok, what was the problem the geforce 3 had with it, and another question, i heard the term Bios Flash, but what does it actually mean, and do

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  8. Basically, ghosting was more evident w/ the GF3. Bios flash is when u replace the ROM on a vid card. You pretty much are replacing info on what it is, where it's from, anything special, commands, etc.

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  9. in what case would you have to do a Bios Flash... Is the GeForce 3 ti500 thing all Cleared up.. i was gonna get the VG181, 191 is a bit big..

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  10. if there's a lot of ghosting, and the image just isn't very nice, u do a bios flash. That'll fix it.

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  11. I might be wrong, but I think the external size of VG181/191/VA800 is about the same! at least in the case of VA800 and VG191, the difference seem to come from the use of a thinner brezel on VG191!!
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