£220 to spend. 3 monitor support gpu.

Simple criteria. I intend to watercool and i have ample power for any card. I have £22o to spend but want 3 monitor support.

What'd u rekon guys????

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  1. Hi Alex, first question is what resolution are your monitors?
    However with your budget and the info available at present I'd recommend an HD 6950 see link http://www.overclockers.co.uk/showproduct.php?prodid=GX-030-C3&groupid=701&catid=56&subcat=1752
    This will leave you a bit of money left to buy the Display Port adapter you will need for 3 monitors. I can't advise which one to get as I don't know your monitor connections.... I'm also wondering what type of games you play as I think a single 6950 over 3 monitors will struggle anything over medium settings. Let us know how you get on?
  2. Oh just one point Alex this is a 2Gb card which I think you'll need with a tri monitor setup. Good luck.
  3. looking for BF3 and Crysis mainly :p and at the inuet i think im on the stadard 1200x800 (ish) at 19" but may be buying bigger monitors soon anyway so whatever res is needed i can buy.

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