How many of you have the TFT7020

How many members have the TFT7020, or have purchased it? Just curious, cause this monitor seems to be really popular among everyone here.

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  1. I got it - and am very happy to be an owner ;)
    Just looking forward to getting the ATI Radeon 8500 AIW DV - so I can use DVI input.


    The only way I heat up my house is by overclocking my cpu :tongue:
  2. Me!

    Have it hooked up to a Athlon 1.5GHz, 512MB RAM, ATI 8500. Man this panel rocks for gaming!

    Pretty soon everyone will be saying this forum is full of Compaq fanbois - but for a damn good reason! I honestly cannot think of why a person would buy something besides the TFT7020 or TFT8030 when looking for a high-performance LCD. They're just that good.
  3. I am not a Compaq fanboy, but apparently I play one on this forum. ;) Seriously, I even now do not like Compaq as a company for home products. They are fine for file and web servers, but I would not recommend anyone I know to buy a personal computer from them. They generally use proprietary parts in their computers which makes upgrading a nightmare.

    However, I must say their customer support has been much much better than I anticipated. I was able to speak with a knowledgeable person within 5 minutes every single time I called them. And a 14-day no-questions-asked return policy is pretty damn skippy.

    Anyhow I have a TFT7020 and use it 90% for gaming. It, simply stated, is an excellant monitor. There may be other LCDs that are excellant also, but the TFT7020 will not leave you feeling misled whatsoever. Play a first person shooter on one and you will be simply amazed. Granted, I do not have a lot of experience with other LCDs, but I know what I can accept/like/love/hate etc, and I have pretty demanding requirements for visual quality. I'll agonize for WEEKS over a purchase. Sometimes I'm pretty happy with a purchase, sometimes I'm really happy with a purchase. In this case, I am completely happy with my purchase. I was concerned about dead pixels? Surprise! NONE! Not a one. I feel I got a hell of a bargain.

  4. I would've tried a Compaq if it wasn't $200 more than a comparable monitor (spec-wise).
  5. anyone has the 5030 model??..i'm in the process of ordering one???
    any inputs on that specific model??
  6. you say this monitor is 200 more then comparable monitor, can you please give me the names of the other once, because i might want to check thwm out before i go with the compaq
  7. I was referring to Planar PV174 which can be had for 659-10% coupon at dell ($593 shipped). If they were the same price or a lot closer, I probably would've tried the Compaq since it's better looking (the footprint, not the screen).
  8. Ok, first off, people have mentioned here that the Planar seems to ghost, and isn't that great. Also, at $645, I'd say the TFT7020 is pretty damn cheap.

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  9. I'm only speaking from my experience. Obviously I can't get a Compaq for $645. The Planar is just as good for image quality, in fact better with viewing angles from what I've heard, but it seems more complaints of ghosting. Same response time, so you be the judge. Either MVA is worse at games, Planar isn't accurate, or coincidence of who's giving their opinion. If you can get a Compaq for $645, then it's a no-brainer. If not, you're in my shoes. ;)
  10. Hehe. Don't u have any freinds or relatives that are in college?

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  11. How exactly would one get this discount? My roommate goes to college. I saw nothing on their website.
  12. u have to go to stores-> higher education store-> select state+ plan, and then find the LCD.

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  13. Um, so how do they verify if you are a student? Will my roommate have to make the purchase?
  14. The way u verify is after u make the purchase u'll get a call, and u'll speak w/ this guy. Otherwise, in the commenst section write which school ur with.

    Only if you let me see the Umpa Lumpa- Homer Simpson.
  15. I own the TFT7020 and its great. I got the educational pricing easy as pie. Just told them my college and everything was fine. I had to pay $660 though, my college isn't special enough for the $645 price. I even made sure they knew I was a student and not faculty. The monitor itself is simply awesome and works well in FPS games and strategy games and pretty much anything else. I wish I could afford the TFT8030 though, lower response time and larger screen would make me a tad happier.

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