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Hi, Im new to this forum and hope that you guys can help me. I have looked at old posts at this forum, and noticed great help. I am in the process of buying a new monitor, a flat screen this time. i was thinking of the
1. Samsung 760v 17" tft
2. philips 170b 17" tft
3.Nec lcd 1830 BK

the price of Samsung and the philips are just under 700 where i live. and the Nec is more like 800.
No more then $800 US, I am not a big fan of Internet deals because i feel its a big problem when i need to get the product fixed, its better to go to the store and just ask them in person, as you might notice, my English is not perfect. but to get to the point, should i get the samsung, it looks really good, atleast in the store. But if i can get a better one for the same price over the net, I wont really mind, but then it have to be better or cheaper, atleast with a $50. i heard some of you guys likes the compaq monitor, i checked it out and it looked good, and the princeton, good, i have on monitor of them right now, and its a good monitor, but one pixel is dead. i dont know for how long ,but one day i just noticed a dead pixel, i cant find all the papers so i guess its no use to get a replacement. monitor is 2 years old by the way. and if i get a new flat screen monitor i can not stand if there is a single dead pixel. is there any company that have a real good replacement plan. thanx for all your help. also does pixels just ramdomly die, or can i prevent them from dying

my system is a athlon 800 with a geforce 256, dont know what more i should include, I am planing on getting a new computer soon too, then probobly with a ATI card, that is good with the TV out, like the radeon 8500. the radeon would be purchased at the same time as the monitor

thanx for all your help and I sneak peaked at the other post, about the same topic, and the compaq monitor might be a good buy
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  1. What do you plan to use the computer for that you will put the LCD on? For games and lots of moving graphics, make sure the refresh rate is very quick. I think those panels you mentioned are in the 40-50ms range.

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  2. i will use the lcd for gaming and watching DVD's. a big fan of movies. then also school thinks like typing :D
  3. Then get a TFT7020 and join the fan club:)

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  4. before i spend my 800 on a monitor i would like to check it out, liek to go a store that have the monitor, but the stores that i have gone too dont have the monitor, like best buy or fry's.

    also how does the pixels die, like can they just die without a reason or do the die only in transport.

    thanx for your help
  5. Pixels do not die, they are manufactured dead or defective. Some will display some colors. As long as u don't touch the screen to get the swirly effect, it'll be fine- extra dead pixels will not develop. As it appears, there have been a few people who have seen NO dead pixels on the TFT7020, which is good, considering the probability of dead pixels on a flat panel. Also, u won't find a TFT7020 in a local store- they just don't have enough!

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  6. btw, r u a student or do u work at a university/ college/ school?

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  7. Im a student, first year in college, but i go to a community college in the San francisco Bay area. but the hting is that my sight is getting worse any my fatehr thinks its because of the monitor so i need a flat screen, or so he says. And as you might understand, i dont mind:)
  8. Being a student, you can get a nice discount...make sure to find out about it...
  9. Ya, huge discount. I'm a student, and got my TFT7020 at $645 vs. the $800 it costs!

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  10. damn nice that you tell me, how can i find out about the discount, is that mostly from compaq or something, help me out:)
    for each dollar I save another dollar i can spend at other stuff like girls:)
  11. at compaq's website, go to the tab that says stores, and then go to educational, and then higher education store. From there select ur state and discount plan, and buy the LCD.

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  12. thanx man, i just found the monitor for like 618 without speakers and 630 with speakers, i think i will talk to my father now and then get it:)
  13. wtf, w/o speakers?? Where?

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  14. the one without speaker is the the one without a base i guess. one of the monitors have a base and there its states sound, the other one does not state sound
  15. also what kind of warreny does this monitor have, if there is a dead pixel, i can return it within 30 days, but what after ther 30 days?
  16. if there's 1 dead pixel, it'll be fine- ie, don't return it. After the 30 days I guess it's only if something breaks.

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  17. so you mean if like 30 pixles dies, or do not show the correct color, then i cant get a new one after the 30 days, I am starting to get paranoid. what if there is an earthquake and the monitor hits the floor... but i tried to find some more info about this one the compaq website but i didnt really see anything that helped me. so are there any number of dead pixels before i can get a new one
  18. in the first 30 days, u can exchange for whatever reason. After that, call em and ask, (I won't put into writing how many dea dpixels are considered defective- call em and ask- 30 will definetly be replaced).

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  19. Profjo00

    You should call Compaq and ask them to make certain get it in writing.

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  20. your right, i will call them now, the 1800 number is pritty easy to remember:)
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