Good graphics card for under £200?

yes, well... I am looking at making my own gaming pc because i want to do youtube gaming commentaries and lets plays... however... my graphics card budget is only £200, and the graphics card will have to be good enough to last 2 or so years because it will take me a year to save up the money to buy it as I am going to be buying all the parts to make a whole new PC, the things I have my eye on at the moment are

Desktop Case: Coolermaster HAF 922 ((£87))
Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS IV GENE-Z/GEN3 Intel Z68 Socket 1155 micro-ATX Motherboard ((££143))
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K Unlocked ((£227))
GPU: (thinking of) 2x Radeon HD 6850 setup in crossfire ((can get both for £188))
PSU: 950Watt with crossfire/SLI support ((£71))
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengiance Jet Black ((£77))
HDD: 1TB ((£71))

making a total price of about: £865

mmh... also, according to a lot of Benchmark websites i've checked, 2 Radeon HD 6850s in crossfire are equal in FPS to the nVIDIA GTX 580, most of the time being better than the GTX 580, some of the times being beaten by the 580 by about 10 FPS at max...

so if anyone can list a graphics card that gets real good FPS out of modern games for UNDER £200, please, I can't really up my budget, because if i could, don't you think I would have already?.. budget is called budget for a reason, not because people can afford more than it....

please help :/...
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  1. I got your solution. 200 punds are around 315 dollars, if you haven´t bought that asus board yet go for a gigabyte 990fxa ud3 or ud5 which is AMD based socket, why amd? Because it is way cheaper than intel and performs the same on games, actually for that price you suggest on the cpu you can buy a 8 core amd bulldozer, you can also safe money on the psu, since a thermaltake 750w is good enough for an sli (yes this board supports both sli and crossfire, with 2 16x pciexpress ports). And finally buy 2 gtx 460 (almost same performance than the gtx 580, way more cooler and less power demanding), you can find those at new egg for 140usd each in the gigabyte branch.

    Hope it is useful, good luck
  2. Why a micro ATX mobo in a giant case ?

    No front USB 3 port on a machine for making videos seems arduous.

    The 2600k isn't needed for gaming but will be very useful in video production.

    Video editing can use CUDA plug ins for huge speed boosts .... but no CUDA from AMD GFX cards. Tho if ya stay on that track, two 6870's is $320 here ....or about £201.....two GTX 560's also $160 each here or about £201 .... might be more expensive tho on your side of the pond.

    950 watts is way over sized for ya two cards

    because it will take me a year to save up the money to buy it as I am going to be buying all the parts to make a whole new PC, the things I have my eye on at the moment are

    A year from now all this stuff will be way cheaper, some of it obsolete and all replaced by faster, less expensive alternatives.
  3. the GTX 560s are about £180 each here, and i found a website where I can get an nVIDIA GTX 580 for £285...
    and also, from what i've heard the Intel i7 2600k quad core out performs the AMD 8 core CPU... not sure if that information is correct tho :S...
    and yeah I guess things will be cheaper and probably better a year from now, but the way things are going I don't think there will be many new releases from the nVIDIA line because of the new GTX 680 card lol its supposed to be the best on the market yet cheaper than the GTX 590?... doesnt work out lol...

    also, I can't buy off american sites like newegg because import tax will be astronomical and postage will :S

    also, didn't realise it was micro lol, and i only chose it because it has 4 pci-e x16 ports with no stupid bandwidth reduction things like most have...
  4. I'd get i5 2500k instead of 2600k (which will save you £70), get a Corsair CX600, and you could buy GTX 580 then from leftover budget. Don't listen to people who say go with AMD, Intel processors are WAY better for gaming.
  5. also, I found a new website too where i can get the i7 2600k unlocked quad core for £197
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