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Hi everyone!

I know this is going to be very subjective but I need to purchase a monitor asap. I am looking to get a 19" monitor, However I may go for a 17" or 21" if there is a real good one out there. I want to use it primarily for gaming but of course also want sharp text.

Unfortunately many of the top rated monitors are not available locally in my stores so I have been unable to look at them. Although I dread buying online without playing with them it may be my only option.

Can anyone make any recommendations for a really excellent monitor? The Viewsonic GS790 has received high reviews. Does anyone have personal experience with it? Can anyone recommend a better monitor than that?

Thanks for any help

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  1. you might as well go for a 19" flatscreen if your spending as much money as a 21" would cost. i have the sony g420 19" flat trinitron.

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  2. The Samsung 955DF is good for its price.

    Please visit <b><A HREF="" target="_new"></A></b>
  3. I have a Hitachi 751 and a Sony G440 (flatscreen). The Sony G440 is really sharp, but I believe it's pretty expensive compared to equivalent Viewsonic monitors.
  4. <font color=green>"Can anyone recommend a better monitor than that?</font color=green>

    Heck, yes. Without trying very hard, either.

    This one is pretty killer.

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Iiyama Vision Master Pro 512</A>

    I've got the <A HREF="" target="_new">Pro 510</A> and it looks amazing with games and DVD's. Better than <i>any</i> Sony or ViewSonic monitor I've seen in the same price range.

    Look at the monitor specifications and compare for yourself. Sometimes you really get what you pay for, and Iiyama monitors are outstanding.


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  5. "better than any sony or viewsonic monitor i've seen in that price range"
    -that is a misleading quote, the absolute in the begining fo this sentence implies that it is better than the sony or the viewsonic, but keep notice that he said in that price range. although sony and viesonic are more expensive, their reputations are established and they are at the top of every revewi out there. a helpful site for me when i was looking for a 19" monitor was

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  6. This is <i>why</i> I mentioned the price, and didn't just make the claim that the monitor I mentioned was better than Sony or ViewSonic, regardless of the make or model. There is a fairly large difference in price between the ViewSonic GS790 and the Iiyama Pro 512, but if you have the money to spend, and want a really good monitor, that would be my recommendation.

    However, despite the views and claims found on the Internet that proclaiming the superiority of ViewSonic and Sony monitors, I still think that the top-of-the-line Iiyama monitors are second to none. I've never been impressed with <i>any</i> Sony monitor that <b>I've</b> had the occasion to use, and I've had to RMA more ViewSonic monitors that arrived DOA than any other. That's from my personal, hands-on experience, and not a review from a website or magazine that might be biased toward one of these two companies due to ad revenues.

    I also think that the Iiyama monitors have a more intuitive user interface with the digital controls, and the screen coating is excellent, without blurring the text. The anti-static coating on these monitors also does a terrific job repelling dust and dirt, unlike other, cheaper monitors I have seen.

    I put in a heck of a lot of time researching monitors before I made the purchase for my main system, and at that time, (about a year ago) I couldn't find anything else comparable in price or quality in a 22" monitor. I am still more than pleased with my selection.

    My other preferences in monitors would be SAMSUNG and NEC, in that order.

    I don't try to mislead anyone, reptilej ... I just stated my opinion and provided some links. I'm not a salesman, nor do I work for Iiyama ... so there isn't anything in it for me, personally. I expected that Allanag would check the monitor specifications <i>and</i> compare the prices before making his decision, as would any shopper.

    In the end, he'll buy what looks best to him, and suits his budget. I just thought he might want to take a look at a brand that I think is impressive.


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  7. Out of all the computer hardware, choosing a monitor has been the toughest. With everything else, I've known what to buy. Unfortunately, since I don't have access to an IIyama or some of the other brands it's hard to know which really offers the sharpest picture and the best features. I also am concerned about geometric distortion, focus, pincushioning and the like. Toejam does the IIyama have any of those problems? Do you have personal experience with the LG Flatron?

    I am wary of Sony due to some horror stories I've heard of their warranty policies and customer support. Can you also recommend a good place to get the IIyama? I am wanting the best monitor out there, since I do lots of gaming as well as working with some graphic programs and applications like Fireworks and Dreamweaver. I am also on the web frequently.

    Thanks again for the continued feedback. :)

  8. toejam-i did not mean anything personal about you or that you were trying to mislead anyone. i read my post and realize that it sounds like i was saying both. i did not intend to say that you were trying to mislead anyone, i just meant to say that just because it's cheaper and may appear to be better than it's more expensive brothers, there is a reason why sony's and viewsonics are more expensive. although there are exceptions to every company and every product, sony and viesonic are able to charge more for their product and still stay in buisness because they have built a reputation for themselves as excellent monitor manufacturers.

    I would also like to state for the record that i have nothing against Iiyama. one last thing though, why don't you particularly like sony toejam? and why didn't you state your case when i made a post a few weeks ago when about possibly buying a sony monitor?

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  9. Not a problem. I didn't take it personally. I hope you didn't take offense at anything I said, either. We're both just trying to clarify our opinions; something that is occasionally harder to do by typing instead of talking face-to-face.

    <font color=green>"and why didn't you state your case when i made a post a few weeks ago when about possibly buying a sony monitor?"</font color=green>

    Sorry 'bout that, reptilej. I didn't see the post. I'm stretched a little thin, I think. I do a lot of technical support, and not just here at Tom's, but at work, on the phone, by email, and in other online forums. I need a clone!

    I developed my opinion about Sony a few years ago when the company sent a dozen defective monitors to my shop. Some of them were new, and some were refurbished ... although everything I ordered was meant to be new, and straight from the factory. For example, one supposedly brand-new monitor had big, dirty sneaker prints on the top, and the screen and base were smashed.

    I wasn't too happy about this, and the company really tried to give me the run-around when I attempted to get everything sorted out. That's something I haven't had to deal with from any other company that makes a supposedly top-of-the-line monitor.

    During that time, and since then, I've had the opportunity to use more than one Sony monitor, and compare them against different brands ... starting with the defective batch the company orginally sent me. I became convinced that a user was paying more for the "name" of the monitor; the higher price didn't justify the actual quality. I didn't like the user interface, compared to monitors from companies like NEC, Mitsubishi or Samsung, and I certainly didn't care much for the attitudes of their technical support personnel or the shipping department.

    I only order from them now if someone makes a specific request. But that's against my better judgement, and I'm willing to explain why to the customer if they ask what I think about the product.

    Note: I haven't had the same kind of customer-relation problems with ViewSonic. But I still expect a certain percentage of what I might receive in an order from them to be DOA. It's just not that unusual. But I still stock them, due to the demand. I really think that is because of the large amount they spend on advertising, more than anything else. And, of course, the price.

    My preferences in brand-name monitors are:

    LG Electronics

    In that order.

    I've only had to RMA one monitor from Iiyama in the past five years, and they replaced it promptly. I think that's a pretty good track record.

    If you are going to buy a monitor from an online storefront, <A HREF="" target="_new">Page Computer</A> is a good supplier, IMHO. The prices are usually pretty reasonable, too.

    Allanag: I think LG Electronics makes a pretty fair monitor, like the 915FT Plus ... but it's not in the same league as something like the <A HREF="" target="_new">Vision Master Pro 454</A> in a 19" monitor.

    I have had very few problems with various kinds of geometric distortion with the Iiyama monitors. I've spent a lot of time working with Photoshop, and I consider my monitor to be an asset when using the program, instead of what could be an irritating distraction.

    But as you mentioned, choosing a monitor is subjective, and this is only my opinion. Check out the reviews, make a note of the specifications of the monitors you might wish to purchase, read the warranty information, and most of all ... stick to your budget. That would be my best advice.


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  10. Hi!

    I appreciate the time that you, Toejam and Reptile have given me.

    I have finally narrowed my choice down to either IIyama or Mitshubishi. I just recently learned that Sharp Hospital uses Mitshubishi in their labs where they need high quality sharp pictures with no distortion.

    The models I am deciding between are

    1. The IIyama Vision Master Pro 511 or 512
    2. Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U, 920, 2060 or 2060U

    If you guys have any comments on these choices I'd love to hear the feedback. :) It's been a tough decision not because of price but because I haven't been able to see them. I am willing to pay a little more if I know I am getting a superior product. Thanks for advice. :)

  11. My top three out of that list:

    Iiyama Vision Master Pro 512
    Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 2060U with SpectraView
    Iiyama Vision Master Pro 511

    Here is another you should consider while making your choice:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Samsung SyncMaster 1200NF</A>.

    By my reckoning, the price ranges from $615.00 for the Samsung to $875.00 for the Mitsubishi.

    I really think that this is going to boil down to how much you are willing to spend. I don't think you'd be dissatisfied with any of these CRT's. And personally, I'd be torn between the Mitsubishi and the Pro 512. The dot clock and the refresh rate at the very highest resolution is slightly better with the Iiyama, but I also really like the SpectraView Color Calibration. And there's a $100 rebate on the monitor if you buy it before the end of the month, which takes it down to $775.00. That makes it very attractive!

    If you want to spend less money, the other two monitors are virtually identical in respect to the specifications, and both of them look really good, too. But the Samsung may have better digital corner control.

    Heck, I think I've talked myself into either the Mitsubishi or the Samsung! Life sure has funny twists. LOL! You would be looking at a monetary difference of $160.00 between the two (after the rebate.)

    This is good place to go shopping for the best prices:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">ZDNet Shopper</A>

    See ya ...


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  12. Hi Toejam!

    The Mitshubishi 2060U w/ Spectraview is nearly $1600. Without the Spectraview it's $800. IF you can show me where I can get the monitor with Spectraview for $800.00 I'll jump on it. Otherwise I am thinking I'll get the 2060U without the Spectraview.

    Thanks again!

  13. Hi again Toejam!

    If your decision was between the Mitsubishi 2060U without the Spectraview software or the IIyama Vision Master Pro 512 which do you think would be the overall better value? Unless I can find the 2060U with Spectraview for a little cheaper than $1600 I think my decision will be between the IIyama and the Mitsubishi without the Spectraview.

    Thanks for your thoughts on the matter.

  14. The absolute best advice anyone here can give you is to go to a real store and actually look at the monitors. Specs are great, and can tell you a lot, but as many have said, choosing a monitor is a subjective rather than objective process. Your idea of what looks good is more important than specs (although specs are important too).

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  15. Hi Silverpig!

    I agree with you 100% and believe me if I could go to a store and actually look at these monitors, I wouldn't have to be asking so many questions or relying on people's personal experiences as much.

    Unfortunately, there is no store where I can look at these monitors. I have talked to several dealers as to the reason and basically it's because they can't afford to keep them in stock and display them. It doesn't seem to be profitable for them. The only way I can get these monitors is online.

    This is the reason I am asking Toejam in particular but anyone else as well, since he owns an IIyama and has seen the Mitsubishi which ones he recommends. For instance, I have absolutely no idea how much of an improvement the spectraview software really makes but it doubles the cost of the monitor.

    Now if Tom had only done a review of CRT monitors :)~ my decision would have also been made easier *laughing*

  16. Sorry ... there's no way that I can think of to order the SpectraView at that kind of price. Sorry about that ... I must have had a minor brain-fart when I wrote that down. That's what I get for trying to do three things at once! :tongue:

    Note: I'm doing just the one thing with this post, I promise.

    Between those two monitors ... I'd have to go with the Iiyama. They are very similar, in many ways, but the Iiyama has a higher dot clock, a wider vertical and horizontal synchronization frequency range, more USB ports, and the OPQ function. It has speakers, too ... but that has nothing to do with my choice. Monitor speakers are usually next to useless.

    I really wish you could see them, and compare for yourself. While both CRT's are fine pieces of equipment, it does bother me that you'll be doing this sight-unseen. Both look good to <i>me</i>, but it's your money, and your satisfaction that matters.

    But based on the choices, and my previous experience ... the Iiyama is the best of the two. It is also lower in price.


    After you make your choice, and have your new monitor setup and running, it would be great if you would post here again and let us know what you think of your purchase, including where you bought the monitor, and the level of customer service. That kind of information could be valuable for another forum member sometime in the future.

    I've done my best not to steer you wrong ... and I hope you'll agree.


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  17. Well, at least go to A store and decide between aperture grille and shadow mask (trinitron and non-trinitron basically). Some don't mind the horizontal lines and love the more vibrant colour (me), others can't stand the lines. At least narrow it down.

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  18. you know, all the articles say that apriture grille is for graphics and shadow mask is for text. and to me, i would rather see clear text than a few extra colors in a game, but the only problem is that if a monitor is shadow mask, it tends to be less quality than a trinitron. all of the budget monitors are shadow mask and all the really expensive ones are trinitron.

    repeat after me, we are all individuals!
  19. Well after much thought I finally made a decision last night. Before I announce the winner I would like to thank Toejam for all his advice and assistance as well as Reptile, Silverpig and the many others who offered me their invaluable input and advice.

    The winner is.........*drumroll* The IIyama Vision Master Pro 512!

    I received it earlier today and I am using it now. It is awesome! I calibrated it using the Displaymate Software which is a great piece of software. Of course I have already tested it playing some games and it totally is just fantastic. Text seems to be pretty crisp and clear too at the recommended optimal setting.

    For those interested I bought the monitor through CDW. They were very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable and the monitor came as promised right on time very well sealed. I will definitely use them again.

    Once again thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread and helped me through the anguish of finally finding the right monitor. :)

  20. Thanks for posting again!

    I am <i>very</i> happy to see that you are satisfied with your purchase.

    I've been sold on Iiyama monitors for a long time ... and now you see why.

    Thanks again for the information and the feedback.



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  21. I love my 19" NEC FE950+.

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  22. I heard the Samsung 955DF is a very good monitor for the price...personally, i'd probably go for that one.
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