is it the monitor or graphics card?

ok, i've posted this question before but i never really got a complete answer. i have a sony g420 19" flat screen and an asus v7700 geforce2 gts. i am running at the resolution above 1024 but below 1280. the text isn't that sharp and i am having trouble reading it. so ehre's the question, why?

is it because of:
the video card
the video card settings
the monitor itself
the monitor settings

repeat after me, we are all individuals!
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  1. Probably a combination of those (except for video card settings). Personally I have a Viewsonic PF790 19" and the text never looked very good at 1280. I upgraded video card to Radeon 8500 from Visiontek Geforce 2GTS and noticed a considerably crisper picture, especially at 1024 and 1152 res. 1280 is still a little too fuzzy for me though. Yet the DVI on the card is connected to a 17" LCD with crystal clear text. I'm guessing this monitor is limiting me at this point.
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