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well, the other day i was using word and noticed that at the top left hand side of the monitor there appeared to be a spec of dust. only when i went to brush it away it didn't go away, it was a dead pixel on my brand new sony flat screen trinitron crt. i've dealt with a lot of monitors(including sony) and have never seen a dead pixel on any of them. anyways my question is, is the onyl way to fix this by taking it in to sony?

and if i do ahve to take it to sony, can they fix it or will they replace a whole part in my monitor, or will they just replace the whole monitor altogether? the reaosn i ask is because i ahve formed a bond with my monitor and it is only a minor little ity bity spec that can only be seen if i look for it, so i don't think it's worth throwing the whole thing away for.

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  1. CRT monitor are susceptible to dead spots, there are no “pixels” on a monitor. If the dead spot stays within the image and moves when you move the image, the problem is most likely with your video card memory not the monitor.

    On shadow mask monitors there are phosphor dots one red, green and blue that make up what is called a triad. In AG monitors there are stripes of phosphor. If one of these dots is missing or damaged or a small section from an AG stripe is missing, a small dark spot can be seen. CRT’s can have dead phosphor spots, however they are not as common as dead spots on LCD monitors.

    If it is a dead spot the only way to fix it is to replace the CRT.

    If the spot bothers you, call the manufacturer and try to get another unit. However if your unit looks good otherwise and you are happy with it there is no guarantee that the next one will be better. Monitors are like fingerprints, and no two are alike.

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