Monitor Problems.

Sometimes, it seems randomly, my monitor will make a loud clicking noise, actually, it sounds like a spark gap. The screen will fade out and get really big, but it shrinks down to normal after a second. I never could figure out the problem , it seemed random, but I did notice it did it a few times right after the Air Conditioner clicked on.

Another problem just started recently.. For a few days last week, when I turned my monitor off and turned it back on, it would make clicking sounds for a few seconds, but the screen would remain black. These clicking sounds were different from the one mentioned above, It was multiple clicks, and faster paced, with a higher pitch. Reminded me of static or something.. I would have to keep turning it off an on for it to work again.. The problem seems to have gone away though.. Anyone know what this could have been?

My monitor is a CTX PR700 17" Flat Screen Aperature Grille CRT.
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  1. don't use the air conditioner or buy another monitor.

    if you know you don't know, the way could be more easy.
  2. ya, don't use your air conditioner, please. with it happening you said it "usually" happens when the ac kicks on sounds like a power issue. is it a window ac unit? or a regular full size one? if it's a wall unit try plugging it or the monitor in a different outlet. exactly how old is this monitor? looking at ctx's site i could only find it by doing a search for that model number. i would have it checked out or possibly look for a new monitor if all else fails. good monitors should last quite a few years (5-maybe 8 years). on a real old comp, my first one. after about 3 years you would have it on and it would just black out, power would still be running to it, but no picture. well about 3 weeks after it was happening something inside burnt up.

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  3. Don't use the A/C? Yeah right. I live in Florida. In the summer, it would get over 100 degrees in this house, especially with the computer on. Anyways, It's not a window unit, its a regular full size one, 5Kw, on a seperate circuit of course.

    The monitor is about 2 1/2 years old, I paid $300 for it, like $180 less than the sony one with the same specs.. But those two issues do bother me..
  4. hehe, i know what you mean. i was being sarcastic. even in michigan we get a few hot ones now and then, but nothing like you guys. warranties usually cover 3yrs. and monitors are built to last longer, but there are always exceptions. if you still got the info for it and its under warranty i'd find out where to get it checked. if not, it might actually cost less and less hassle to just go and buy a new one, though that would sorta suck. don't feel bad though, my sister bought a 17" i can't remember the brand off hand, i think kds (from a local shop). 2 weeks the thing blew, course she got a new one, but it shows they can go at any time :frown:

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  5. Well mine is working fine right now so lets hope it stays this way. Actually I kinda want to get a 19 incher anyways..
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