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Hi All,

I'm hoping one of you gurus out there might be able to help me.

Is it possible for a dodgy graphics card (or maybe a dodgy AGP port) to damage a monitor? A few weeks ago my main monitor (Eizo 17 inch) started to swell and shrink at the edges of the screen when I opened a window that had a lot of white in it, then after a while it started to `pop` like I`d just switched it on and off quickly (the picture would bulge at the edges when it did that), this got progressively worse till it went totally dark and showed no picture (dead). I attached my old spare monitor which was fine for a few days, but now its doing the bulge/shrink at the screen edge thing when I open windows with a lot of white in them. So I attached this monitor to my old spare pc and now it does the bulge/shrink thing on that too (it didn`t before) so it looks like my spare monitor is damaged now too.

Can anyone out there gimme some help/advice?


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  1. Odds are NO! Monitors typically have arc suppression diodes and other protection circuits, it is highly unlikely that a video card will damage a monitor especially a monitor with analog inputs. The new digital (DVI) is another story, I do not recommend hot swapping digital connections.

    The problem you describe sounds likes a classic power supply regulation issue. In other words your monitor is dying. Possibly of old age or you are running the monitors above there rated resolution or refresh rate. Another possibility is low input line voltage. I have seen this type of problem if the line voltage drops below 90 volts A.C. for 110 circuits.

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