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Hi there and thanks for reading this.

I recently applied for young enterprise funding and won money for a PC project which i will use to promote awareness of what i do. For this reason the Pc will be mainly for show so the whole system will be fully watercooled and modded. I had a £1200 budget but only set £225 aside for graphics and £75 for Graphics card waterblocks as i mainly budgeted for looks of the case etc. So- I have £225 to spend on a GPU(s) and was wondering what your advice would be?

I am up for the idea of running 2 £115 cards in SLI/Crossfire but was wondering if you think i would be better off getting one £225 card.

Please throw all ideas and thoughts forward.

The cards will be alongside a 2500k and a 850w Corsair PSU.

Many Thanks Guys!
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  1. ordering from anywhere in uk., or or ebay maybe...
  2. You wont find any cards worth water-cooling at £115

    @ £225 you can get any of the GTX560ti 448 Cards

    Or you could go for a reference GTX570 - which should be great for choices of water-block. -

    Another choice would be a reference AMD Radeon 6950 2GB - Another one which should be easy to water-cool -

    For performance @1080p the GTX570 will be your best bet out of these.

    Otherwise, if possible, wait for the AMD Radeon 78xx series and their respective water-blocks to be released. (I'm assuming this may not be possible due to project time constraints)
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