What is better KDS or Viewsonic? And is 29in 2big?

I'm looking at buying a larger monitor than my 17in. and was looking at a 21in kds .25mm for $382, a 22in viewsonic .25mm dot pitch for $528, and a 29inch princeton .83mm for $730.

I will more than likely get the 22 or 21, which one is the better buy? I have a Viewsonic right now and I think its fine, the price difference doesnt bother me to much but is the extra inch worth it in someone's opinion who uses large monitors?

Thanks guys
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  1. viewsonic is better than kds, so i hear. i have a kds 17 inch right now and it was cheap when i bought it a few years ago and is still working. but now i want a better monitor than my .28 dpi and am looking into a viewsonic ps90f(or whatever). so in conclusion to my confusing and rambling note, can't go wrong with viewsonic.

    and yes, 29 inches is too big. just get a video card that has outputs and hook it up to a tv if you want things that big.

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  2. Computers come and go. Good monitors last forever. Get a Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U minimum. Do not go cheap on your monitor. You can use it through your next 3 computer upgrades. I Still have a perfect 21 inch Hitachi from 1994 on my old 550 PIII. That monitor has seen a DX2/66, P90, P166, PII 266 and the 550. My new Monitor is a Mitsubishi DP2040u 22 inch I got discontinued, open box for $600. This is a Stunning monitor. Perfect flat with a usb hub. All controls operate through windows. Never futz with the stupid buttons. Enough screen to display 2 readable explorer windows side by side. Max resolution is 2048 by 1536. If your video card can display 1600 by 1200 at 180 fps but your monitor only displays at 85 hertz at that resolution you paid 200 dollars too much for your video card and 200 to little for your monitor. Even a GeForce MX is wasted on a budget monitor. Might as well get a TNT2 Ultra If you get a budget monitor that panics into 60 hertz default when you run 80 frames per second into it at 1024 by 768
  3. Viewsonic is one of the top brands. KDS is bad. <i> REALLY </i> bad.
    I spent $850 on a 22" Viewsonic P225F2 and I don't regret it at all. This picture is NICE.
    If possible, spend a little more and go with a perfect-flat model. Seriously, your monitor is the <b> one </b> thing you don't want to be cheap with. If you can't afford a GOOD 22" then I suggest you get a GOOD 19" (Check out the PF95).

    And that 29" Princeton prolly has a max resolution of about 640/480 with a refresh rate so slow you could count flickers, don't waste your time with that.

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