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I have an 14" Osborne Super VGA MPV1024NI Monitor which I
cannot seem to get a better resolution than 640x480. I am
hoping that I can get 800x600. I am using Win98SE.

In Display properties it shows as a Default Monitor and it
gives the option to go much higher tyan 640x800 with High16
but when I Apply, it scrunchs up horizontally and rolls
quickly. I always have to go back to Hihj 16 at 640x480

I have a new Pent 3 on board SiS630 AGP display with drivers
4/14/2000 vers

I can only set the Monitor as I cannot find drivers.

Any help please.
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  1. You might find a working monitor driver here:

    <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>

    If you need it, in order to access the site:

    USER NAME is: drivers
    PASSWORD is: all


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