P5g41t-m lx3 have 75w 6-pin pci express®

want to buy amd 6850, which wants========= 450 Watt or greater power supply with one 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended.
power supply is ok but if my motherboard p5g41t-m-lx3 have 75 watt 6pin pci express power connectors.
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  1. You need a 6 pin PCI-E power cable coming off your power supply. It has nothing to do with the motherboard.
  2. i have purchased this card does it work on my pc=Zotac Nvidia Geforce GT-520 DDR3 PCI-E 1GB ZT-50609-10M
    4 gb ram
    500gb hdd
    450 watt power sup.
    p5g41t-m-lx3 board with intel g41 chipset
    intel dual core e5700 3 ghz.

    plz someone tell me taht graficks card will work on my pc, i already today order this online.
  3. thank you big brother. VRUMOR
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