I need recomendations if you have the time

I want a 17 inch viewable flat screen monitor under $700.
I'd like to use it for games, and video editing, eventually I might get a 2nd 15 inch flat screen and run a dual setup, but first comes the 17. Is there anything in my price range with a good warranty?
I don't know very much about Flat screen monitors so I'd appreciate any information so I can learn.
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  1. Yes, I certainly have the time to help u. I'm sorry to say there isn't any good LCD that's 17" that you can get for 700$. You see, there are a few things one must take into consideration when buying a flat panel. Firstly, the brightness, but that isn't too much of an issue for LCD's anyway. 200nits and above is good. Then, for contrast, most LCD's have issues with that, as in order to display true black, they woulod have to block all light, which is impossible. However, with a contrast ratio of 300:1, that won't be a problem at all. Next comes the issue of response time, which may or may not be a problem, however, in your case it will be. Hence, you need a monitor with an good response time- basically anything with a response time of 40ms or less is good for your purposes. Watch out for LCD's that use MVA technology, such as the VP150m from Viewsonic, as they have a response time between 20 and 30ms, but can't display color ramps correctly. That brings me to my next point that although most LCD's sold today are 16.7m colors, you still may get ones with 256K colors. You will want 16.7m. Finally, you can get LCD's that have an analog connection, or a digital conection. Digital is better, because LCD's are digital, and if teh connection is analog, then it gets converted from analog to digital, which diminishes image quality. Hence, you want a digital LCD. Ok, now that I gave my speech, I can reccomend some good LCD's that are 15"- remember, a 15" LCD is teh equivalent of a 17" CRT (does your vid card have a DVI port btw?) Currently, the best LCD which is 640$ and 15" is tehCompaq TFT5030. Although I know many people don't like this company, that LCD is simply the best of the best. It's response time is 20ms, does not use MVA technology, rather ASV, which is great, has 16.7m colors, 400:1 contrast ratio, and 300nits brightness. All these have been previously unheard of before thus LCD, there is nothing better simply put. This LCD, and another which is 1000$, but slilghtly worse are the ONLY ones which I reccomend for gaming, and visual acitivities. I really think u should consider 15" LCD. I will be getting the TFT5030 soon as well (was going to get it 2 weeks ago, but after the WTC thing, that stock market has been very shaky, want to make sure everything's ok before I have extra expenses). Ask if you have any further questions- I check the LCD section of THG every hour.

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  2. Thank you very much that was extremely informative now I know what to look for. It seems there isn't anything 17 inch in my price range, maybe I should just wait longer before going flat screen. I'm going to research this monitor right now to see what its specs are but I'll post the link anyways.
  3. I wouldn't reccomend it- apparently Samsung doesn't produce it anymore, and it is analog. By the way, I hope you know that since LCD's will give you really wierd looking image if you aren't at its native resolution, hence u must basically always stay at the native resolution. Therefore meaning u must play games at 1280 x 1024 on that thing. Imagine what that'll do for your vid card!

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  4. That won't be a problem, I try to play all my games at that resolution, and thats what I run my desktop at. With Geforce 3 it isn't a problem, and I might get the ATI AIW 8500DV. It has a TV tuner, AND IEEE1394 in it, I was thinking of buying a separate Fire wire card AND a TV tuner since I have a geforce 3, but it'd probably be cheaper to sell my Geforce 3 and buy the ATI card.
    Plus the ATI has support for ditigal monitors like LCDs which my geforce 3 does not. I think the ATI also supports two monitors so I could use a new digital monitor AND my old 19 inch.
    Would the MAG 19 inch (17 viewable) be any good? I havn't heard much about MAG monitors so I really don't know if they produce good products.
  5. You should ask about the MAG in the CRT section- I have never looked into buying a CRT. By the way, the GF3 does have a DVI port, just depends which one you get. Leadtek for instance has such a port on their GF3.

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  6. no MAG LCD screens, heres the product at bestbuy's web site
  7. I have been reading this forum looking for info on a good LCD so I went over to compaq and checked out the TFT5030. I found that they have a new 17" LCD TFT7020 w/ 25ms response time 400:1 contrast, 250 nits brightness for 800.00. This sounds really good to me. two extra inches for 160.00 and brightness of 250 compared to 300 for the 15".
    What do you guys think? Any one have one?
  8. Sounds great- is it digital though?

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  9. I'm in the market for a 17" LCD and checked out the Compaq TFT5030. It has both digital and analog inputs. I'm very tempted to go for it...

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  10. U do know that TFT5030 is 15" right? If you're ok with that, by all means go ahead and buy one.

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  11. Sorry, my mistake--I meant the 17" Compaq TFT7020. Great specs for the price! (it does have a digital input)

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