Best 19 Inch Monitor At Any Price???


I am about to retire the 17 inch and purchase a new 19 inch monitor. This will be used for surfing the net,digital
camera picture work, and most importantly, gaming. I want the brightest, sharpest, highest contrast 19 inch monitor made, price is no object. Models I have been looking into include the NEC-FP950, Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U, Viewsonic PF790 and the Sony G400/420. Despite very good experiences with them in the past, I have heard a great deal about terrible reliability problems with Sonys recently, so I may scratch that one.
Is there anything else I should be considering? Any input, recommendations, suggestions or information greatly
appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. I have a 19" Samsung Syncmaster it!!
    You can check out <A HREF=",aid,44625,pg,2,00.asp " target="_new"></A> for a list of their Top 10 19" monitors--they also have Top 17" and 19" if your interested. They update their list every month.

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  2. I have both Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U and SONY G400. I had the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U for about 3 years and SONY G400 for about two years. Both looks great and did not give me any problem. I liked the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 900U better.
  3. I never ever found a 900u model!!!

    The one I saw which was top of their range was Diamond Pro 920.

    Is the 900u a better model??


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  4. lacie electron 19 blue... most expensive and best... you'll get used to the hood... it improves the picture so much from ambient lighting and all the antiglare coatings are near perfect...

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  5. Maybe you should check EIZO monitors.
    Forget about Sony . I dont say it is crap , but everyone i bought is crap.
  6. The 920 is the newest and best model. Is Mitsubishi still making the very old 900U?
  7. I noticed you were looking at NEC FP950. Check out my recent post about the problems I had with my NEC FP955. You may want to be cautious around NEC monitors too. I had ghosting problems and a faint vertical bar. Otherwise, the FP955 would've been a good monitor. Crisp text at 1600x1200 @85hz.
  8. LG 915FT+ - the best I've seen yet. Although if you have absolutely no money limits, a plasma monitor will probably be even better. "Slightly" more expensive though...
  9. You ought to get the Viewsonic PF 790. It is just as good and cheaper than the sonys, and way better than anything else out there
  10. Probably not answering to me :wink: , but anyway I still think that the LG Flatron 915 FT+ is better. Not that the Viewsonic is bad, on the opposite.

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  11. sony is all i'll trust have had a 17" mag(POS), now a 17" sony, and going up to 2 19" sony's (g400).

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  12. If you'll note, the LG Flatron lost points in the top ten monitor test because of its price. But look on pricewatch and you'll get a good deal, considerably lower than what pcworld says. I like the LG Flatron 915Ft Plus a lot, and have had no problems with it. The visual quality is superb.

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  13. I agree :smile:

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  14. Well if you want my advice, I'd say buy anything but Sony. They are quite very good monitors for graphics, but at a crazy price cuz there are 4 little letters S O N Y on it. Also the service is complete crap depending on the country, MTS is the company that repair sony's monitors (Canada and US I think) and they can take up to 2 months before repairing it unless you pay them some money...

    For a particular model, I dunno if you can get one but KillAll is right. The Lacie ( monitors are the best of the best, just look at the specs, they are extremely impressive and the price is good. 2 problems though, service seems not being very good and also VERY hard to find.

    If you still didnt find any, my second choice would be on the Viewsonic P95F, this new one is replacing the old PF790... This one has made his time, still very good, but now you can get better. And for my part, I dont thrust LG at all for the quality of their tubes...but anyways I hope that may help you.

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