1920x1080 HD monitor for £200.00 suggestions

Hi guys,
Can anyone recommend me a decent 24in Monitor with a budget of £200.00? I currently have a 22in monitor but would use this as a second.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Iiyama prolite E2473HDS seems to have excellent reviews, and looks a steal at £148... I'm about to get one myself! In fact, the only issue with it is the stand, which is a bit crap, albeit strong


    CCLOnline also do a dead-pixel guarantee for 20 quid more where they'll check to make sure your monitor has no dead pixels at all... pretty awesome!

    I reckon this monitor is still a steal at £168, especially as this price includes that guarantee... Everywhere else sells this monitor at £160
  2. I've had the iiyama mentioned above for a couple of months now and its awesome. I would definitely advise getting one. :D
  3. Seems almost too good to be true cos its so cheap... lol

    definitely getting it!
  4. Wow thanks guys. Much appreciated.
  5. Please let us know what you chose in the end :)
  6. Yep going with the Iiyama prolite E2473HDS. Many thanks again chaps!
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