Wax Candle destroys Monitor! HELP!!!

You guys aren't going to believe this...my wife lit a candle on the hutch above our brand new (2 weeks old) 19" G400 Sony Trinitron. The wax overflowed onto the hutch and then onto the monitor. It didn't seep into the monitor, but it was all over the screen. I managed to get the wax off using a damp cloth and monitor cleaner. BUT, now there's this nasty discoloration on the affected area of the screen. I believe the Anti-glare/Anti-reflective coating is ruined.

IS THERE ANY WAY TO HAVE THIS REPAIRED? I can't bare to even look at the thing. It's just too painful. I feel like throwing up. And NO this is not a joke.

I guess I win this months "What's the dumbest thing you (or someone in household) ever done to their computer". Hell, maybe even when the annual...

Man I'm F******G P****D. Sorry bout' the language...can't help it right now.


Catheter and Caffeine IV are in place. Let's PLAY.
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  1. you could coat the entire screen in wax then scrape it off... make it all the same... simple... or you could get it insured then "accidentally" knock it off the table... lol

    if in doubt blame microsoft...
  2. SCRAPE it off? This sounds a bit dangerous. Of course the tube is glass...probably would work. Still ticked because of the glare though. May have to strip the rest off and then buy a Glare-shield.

    Catheter and Caffeine IV are in place. Let's PLAY.
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