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I wonder if you can help me with my problem.
I have a Smile KFC 17inch CRT monitor running on a Creative 32MB AGP TNT2 ultra card.
Recently I connected the monitor to a very low end system with a PCI 2MB
Cirrus Logic card. However upon connecting it back to my system the Horizontal
size has changed for some resolutions. The maximum width for all resolutions below
1024 by 768 cannot be extended as far as the sides of the monitor. This is especially
bad at the 640 by 480 resolution where the maximum horizontal pitch is a good 20cm
away at either side. This is evident right from the boot up of the computer in DOS mode.

This problem is more annoying than anything else as I have a TVcard installed in the pc with the fullscreen running at 640 by 480.
The Vertical size is fine, and the frequency of the monitor is also okay.
I know there is nothing wrong with the monitor as I have connected other devices like
the Monitor out of a laptop, where the horizontal pitch for all resolutions extends to the
edges again.
I have tried things like changing graphics drivers in the OS (Win 2000 & Win Me) but they
have not worked. There is nothing in the digital OSD of the monitor that will reset it's
memory or anything like that.
If anyone could give me any insight into this I would be very grateful.
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  1. Check the drivers again:
    1 - refresh rates - try to set them manually to a low value (60 Hz) and then increase it
    2 - image controls - some drivers allow the user to change the image size and position - check if your drivers do.

    As a last resort, you may uninstall the video card and reinstall it again with the latest drivers available.
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