NEED Best 19" Excellent Picture and Clear text.

I'm looking for a 19" monitor which will provide an exellent picture and clear text from top to bottom, left to right. If anyone has seen an IBM P260 21" monitor, you'll be amazed at the quality, but shocked by the price. I'm looking for something like that, I have an Iiyama vision master pro 451 which I recently purchased but it just doesn't cut the mustard.

Can anyone recommend an EXELLENT 19" monitor which provides a fine picture, exellent colour, and clear text and consistent geometry all the way through?

I have to take back this Iiyama, because unfortunately it's not good enough.

Thanks for your help.

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  1. if you ignore price the lacie electon19blue theres also the 22 inhcer but thats the biggest joke of all... thats my monitor... a huge amount of money spent... its easily the best monitor in its class but also extremely expensive...

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  2. Anything from Sony G series!

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  3. I love my Viewsonic. I do alot of Cad/ 3d rendering it's worked well for me.

    Good luck
  4. Samsung SyncMaster 950p
    Not only does it display clear and sharp text (even at high resolutions) the color and quality it produces in grahics editors (like Photoshop) and video games is amazing! My SyncMaster 950p also includes great on-screen controls for easy adjustments. It produces excellent text and graphic quality from corner to corner. Max resolution of 1600X1200...resolution of 1280x1024 @ 85hz produces EXCELLENT quality.
    Im more than happy with my monitor and don't plan to change it for at least 3 years.
  5. Hi, I find that really strange. I believe you when you say the monitor is great (Samsung 950p) but how can that be, if it only has 0.26 dot pitch??? The Mitsubishi pro 920 has 0.24 dot pitch and the Iiyama vision master pro 451 has 0.25. Is it possible for a 0.26 to be clearer than 0.24/25, I know dot pitch is not the only thing which affects image quality though.

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  6. IMHO get the Flatron 915FT+. I like it so much that I even bought one....
    Trully flat, an AG (.24 stripe pitch slot mask) without the damping wires (the stupid horizontal lines that all Trinitron and similar monitors have - visible with white backgrounds).

    The problem is that although LG knows how to create a great product they seem to know nothing about the art of selling them... hard to find, poor/inexistent web support (although this monitor carries a 3 year warranty - 1 year onsite), and poor distribution. And maybe LG has a good marketing attitude wherever you live.
    If you can find one, at least try it.



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  7. Your right, dot pitch is not the only thing which affects image quality. I know this, cuz right now im at my University's computer lab sitting in front of a Dell Dimension 4100 using a 17"(16.0" viewable, .24mm - .25mm AG) P780 Monitor. And in my opinion, it doesn't come close to my Samsung (even though the Dell is 17"). Other things that makes a good monitor is the refresh rate at different resolutions. I have never taken a look at "The Mitsubishi pro 920 and the Iiyama vision master pro 451" so i cannot compare it to my Samsung. But my friend has one of those Viewsonics (forgot what model) with flat screen and .24 dpi, and both he and I agree that my Samsung is better. It really depends on the monitor cuz there certainly are monitors with .22 dpi that could blow my monitors a$$ to oblivion. The best way to tell which monitors are good is to judge them side-by-side.

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  8. The damper wires are a small price to pay for the bright vivid colors that are provided by an aperature grill.
  9. advice, don't buy Samsung SyncMaster 955df monitor!
  10. If one can stand then. I can't - its personal, I know ;)

    And the Flatron is an AG without the damper wires :)
  11. How did LG make an aperature grill without the damper wires? The 915FT is now one I'm going to consider, it
    has the same specs as the Sony G400 and no damper wires.
  12. the wires become ignored after an hour of use... i only notice them when i come to the boards and read about people not buying monitors because of them... rent a monitor with some if you can... try it out if you dont notice them on the second day get the monitor... the lacie ( 19 incher is amazing in my eye as i have stated before... better than all the mitsubishis... configuration is amazing... and the hood and coating for the glass are really helpful...

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  13. I own a KDS Avitron AV195TF... 19" Trinitron Flat Screen. I am very pleased with this monitor. It looked much better than comparable viewsonics and Samsungs. It also sold for 369.99. At best buy, I managed to get it for a total of $329 which included tax and a 3 year replacement plan (the replacement plan is great.. no wait, bring it in and you can walk right out with a new one, no questions asked. There seems to be this blue tint on the left of the screen stigma attached to the monitor, but I find this to be completely untrue in my case. My picture is near perfect and runs at 1600x1200 at 85hz refresh rate. This is a great monitor.
  14. I have no idea, but they did it :) - actually check tech center for more technical details
  15. I actually own one of the 915ft+ and it's great....

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  16. Hey, Arbee -

    Did you take advantage of the tempting offer on the Flatron site Here's an EXACT quote:

    "Register all your Flatron Product and get bonefit just for you."

    Those Koreans sure are accommodating, Arbee! With the click of a button they'll help you find some oriental cutie so you can get your "bonefit!!"


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  17. I had noticed that :D... unfortunately (or not) I didn't register the monitor.

    As I've said in some post not long ago, the net support of the Flatron is/was crap - I bought mine even before it would appear on their product list - not that I was an early buyer, just that they put it online *about* 1 year after the first 19" was available.

    But an oriental cutie sure would make up for the inconvenience ;)
  18. I'd get the Viewsonic PF790. Great monitor!!

    Im savin up for a Cobra!! Hehe!! :wink: :wink:
  19. See my recent post about the NEC FP955 19". This monitor would be nice, if it didn't have a faint vertical bar running up/down the screen. Someone suggested to me that it doesn't have enough bandwidth. This is ashame, as it is branded a "professional" line monitor by NEC.

    Can someone suggest a good "professional" line monitor that actually can be called professional?
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