This adice is ONLY fro gamers! Don't listen to PCWORLD, i recieve the magazine, but all those monitors they rate is mostly for business(they are very sensative to the price and warranty!), I'm not saying that they rate bad or that 950p is a bad monitor, but not great for gaming, PF790 is much better, listen to PCGAMER - they rate monitors for games. I have been to CompUSA and played few games (hell I didn't know if they let me) and found that most top 10 19" monitors by PCWORLD just suk at I said this post is for gamers, if you mostly search the web - pcworld is great.
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  1. Why would I listen to a bunch of guys with spurs and stetsons for any reason.
    They have a good selection of accessories, but their staff are more like car salesmen than techies.
    After about six months in college I was double talking some of them.

    "Now drop your weapons or I'll kill him with this deadly jelly baby." :wink:
  2. Quote:
    950p is...not great for gaming

    I want you to give me a <b>GOOD</b> reason/explanation why <i>MY</i> SyncMaster 950p is not great for gaming.

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  3. No...ya didn't get me... 950p IS GREAT MONITOR! but not AS great as PF790 for gaming, 950p is not flat. In games when u don't have a flat monitor - u concentrate mainly on the middle of a screen and with a flat one - u see things at the same distance, after getting 955df (which is WORSE than 950p, i think) - I made more frags in CS. I think PF790 - BEST FOR GAMING! (opinion)
  4. Your probably right about the PF790 being a great monitor of gameing.

    However, I do not know if you have actually seen a 950p in real life or played games on it, but (even though it is not flat) it is not <i>rounded</i> either. Nothing like those ugly rounded monitors from Compaq. Although they are not as flat as rulers, they are as close as you can get without actually buying a flat monitor.

    I see where you are going...about concentration in the center of monitors if they are really round (like some ugly rounded compaqs)...but it does not happen to me when I play games with my 950p.

    Good point, though....

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  5. 950p is barely curved, but not much..still I think after loving my 955df I start hating it...i was even thinking going back to Tatung (did u ever hear about this company???) 17" curved, blurred, awful but with no distortion moniotro fro like $99 on, DID ANYONE EXCPET ARROW HAS EVER SEEN 955DF MONITOR?? OPINION??
  6. As other said, the 950p is not rounded, ans is a great value monitor - or better a good monitor with great value.

    Gaming needs regarding monitors are not very different from business needs - specially CAD aplications. You can see a business as a very price conscious gamer ;) - regarding monitors. You also would like to have a good warranty, low price good refresh rates, nice design, easy and complete controls, and, above all, a great image.
    Of course that a gamer could prefer a monitor with more crispy colors instead of discernible text at high resolutions ;)

  7. so 955df is not any good for gaming? it produces great image and crisp text. 950p IS rounded somehow, otherwise it WOULD BE FLAT BUT IT IS NOT! 955df costs more than 950p because of the faltness. I know my old Tatung produced VERY blurred images and I thought they were fine until I have seen my friend's PS790 and was more surprised when I saw PF790, before that i thought that all monitors have the same image queslity. i don't like 950p because pixels are very noticable for me, still I think 950p is better than 955df cuz...everybody says that :-(
  8. OK! in my life I never use warranty so it is not a factor to me.
    100Hz at 1024x768 is really great cuz 85Hz at this res. is ok for me.
    cost - $270
    flatness - 100%
    image queslity - KICK ASS FOR ME!(I like 0.24 true DOT-pitch!, don't like strips)
    Crispness of text - ROX (it is shadow mask)
    Controls - they all seem to be simple to me, I'm smart and what does it mean EASY TO USE? u just press bottons and control.......???
    about 3mm bottom and 0.5mm top distortion (top not noticable, one lady fom samsung replied when I asked if all monitors (955df) have distorions and she said all those monitors have a slight curvature, 2.5mm tolerance allowed)
    this is the biggest disadvantage and everybody here says that distortion MEAN LOW QUALITY.....I'm so upset, I'll go sobbing with my kitty....
  9. Warranty is not a factor? When you buy $500+ monitors you like to have some warranty that it will last at least 3 years. It is not the same as a CPU where 2 years later it becomes a useless piece of silicon ;)

    Complete controls is something that usually (but not all) monitors lack - even top of the line - and I mean controling all the 4 corners independently (sp?)and the vertical and horizontal borders between them. Besides color temp, moire, degauss, etc.
  10. I've never tried one, but I have no reason to believe that the 955df is not good for gaming. On the opposite...
    Granted the 950p is not flat but it isn't "Tatung round" either ;)
    No, not all monitors are born equal.
    Now if you dislike the 950p and like your monitor why the hell do you think the 950p is better than the 955df? Just because everybody says so?!?
    IMHO the 950p is a GOOD BUT NOT GREAT monitor. It is great for the price. As I've never tried a 955df can't comment on quality, but I have a good opinion of Samsung monitors - I've had a 17GLsi for about 5 years - great for the time (expensive though ;)).
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