intel® hd graphics 3000 vs amd radeon™ hd 6470m - 1gb

help me.........
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  1. What do you plan on doing? If just internet browsing either will work. Even HD video playback is fine on either of those.
  2. The AMD is probably the better choice, but you should post full system specs to get good advice from us. Also intended use as indicated above.
  3. True, you're fine with either unless you need the extra feature of a discrete card. If you are looking to game, the radeon is better, but face it, you won't be playing anything on a card that low end aside from old games, low resolution and low quality settings. If you aren't gaming or doing CAD either is fine.
  4. hamil said:
    help me.........

  5. The 6470 is somewhat faster but not by much.
  6. esrever said:
    The 6470 is somewhat faster but not by much.

    No the intel graphics don't handle games unlike amd's.
  7. the 6490m is also an entry graphics solution only suitable for playing older games.
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